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A Look At Arizona

 Arizona State Flag

has more than just beautiful scenery and the Grand Canyon. This incredible state is full of history as well. It was actually the last of the 48
coterminous states to make its way into the Union. This makes it a bit of a baby compared to the older states. Nonetheless, it is rich in culture and has played a host to numerous important events. In addition to its incredible history, it offers unique geology and geography. As a result, it attracts countless tourists every year.

Arizona's History

 Phoenix, AZ

The recorded history of the area exists from as far back as the mid 16th century. This was a time when various Spanish explorers were making their way through the area. One in particular,
Marcos de Niza, traveled through what is modern day Arizona and recorded a portion of what he experienced. Those experiences were built upon by later explorers like Francisco Vasquez de Coronado.

It eventually became a part of Sonora and belonged to the country of Mexico. At that time, it had a fairly low population density and didn't attract nearly as many visitors as it does today. It eventually became apart of the United States in 1848 thanks to the terms agreed upon in the Mexican Cession. Some parts of the area remained under the control of Mexico until 1853 when America purchased the remaining land via the
Gadsden Purchase.

All of what is now Arizona was originally part of the New Mexico territory. It wasn't until 1863 that Arizona was split from the territory. It then became known as the Arizona Territory. The territory was harsh and difficult to profit from. It struggled to grow until the late 19th century when the railroad arrived in the area.

Finally, in 1912, Arizona became an official state in the United States of America. The economy in the state was based almost entirely on cattle and copper, but citrus, cotton, and a few other commodities played a role as well. During the mid-20th century, the state saw a huge boom in tourists as well as older families looking to retire in a comfortable environment.

The Grand Canyon

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Today, when you think about Arizona, you probably picture the beautiful landscape of the Grand Canyon.  It attracts millions of tourists and easily has one of the most impressive views in the entire country. It stretches for 277 miles and it's as wide as 18 miles in some parts. In it's deepest spots, the canyon can reach depths of a mile!

The Grand Canyon is a testament to Arizona geography as well as geology. The natural carving of the landscape has revealed billions of years of geological history and laid it bare for the entire world to view and to study. We've learned a lot from the history the Grand Canyon has to offer and we'll undoubtedly continue learning more in the future.

Of course, we aren't the first to notice the canyon. The area was originally inhabited by Native Americans. The locals built impressive settlements throughout the base of the canyon and inside many of its larger caves. It was also considered to be a holy site by the
Pueblo natives.

Traveling To The Grand Canyon

 Map of Arizona

If you're planning a trip to visit Arizona, then you've probably made an allowance of time to visit the
Grand Canyon. You can walk, run, hike, raft, take a helicopter ride, and even skydive into the area. There's even a marathon that stretches along 78 miles of the canyon and it lasts for a full 24 hours.

There are various techniques used for reaching certain points on the canyon. In any case, it's important that you prepare for the journey. If you'll be doing any hiking, then you should know that it is an exhausting journey. Do as much research as possible, make sure people know where you are at, and bring along all of the recommended survival gear.

Explore One Of America's Greatest States

While it may not be the oldest state in the country, it certainly has a lot to offer. At the top of that list is the beautiful Grand Canyon. Whether you are there for the history, the scenery, or the people; there's no denying that it's one of America's greatest states. Take advantage of the attractions and activities this state has to offer with Tourplicity. Visit our catalog of tours and make your reservation today!