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About Tourplicity

Tour and Activity Reservations…    made simple. 
Our mission is to help you discover adventure and fun anywhere on this planet.  We accomplish that by combing popular destinations around the world in search of the most unique tours and experiences.
Truly, that’s what we do...  but how do we do it? 
It’s simple, really—with our excellent and energetic staff of tour and activity experts. Not long ago, a group of fun loving tour and travel veterans decided to pool their experiences. The result was Tourplicity — a place for travelers to discover adventure and fun, anywhere in the world. 

Tourplicity features a team of travel experts on staff who are constantly combing popular destinations around the world in search of the most unique tours and best experiences. They’re always dissecting and analyzing cities and regions in order to uncover the very best in adventures, attractions, and experiences—and they’re doing it for you!  

In other words, we put in the work so you don’t have to. Let us serve you, and you’re guaranteed a first-rate experience the next time you travel.

We also have what we call Tourplicity “string-men,” business partners who know what strings to pull and where to pull them in order to offer you unprecedented access to honest pricing from countless vendors around the globe. With their help, you’ll gain direct access to countless travel options, from traditional sightseeing tours, to exclusive or off-the-beaten-path getaways. And, for your peace of mind, know that our “string-men” only work with the most reliable local guides and outfitters. 

You might even say that booking with Tourplicity is like booking with a local. We know our destinations inside and out so that you don’t have to worry about any surprises. Except, of course, our surprisingly efficient service, our surprisingly honest pricing, our surprisingly generous best-rate guarantee, and our surprisingly warm, helpful, and knowledgeable customer care associates. And there’s one more surprise: our liberal change and cancellation policies. We travel. We understand that plans change. And so we strive to accommodate you, even when your schedule goes topsy-turvy. 

As you can tell, we understand your needs, and we’re ready to share our world of experiences with you.

Howard Green is the author of the Tourplicity travel articles and is driving force behind Tourplicity. Bitten by the travel bug at an early age, Green has witnessed life on a kibbutz in Israel, managed a wilderness lodge in Alaska, operated a Sedona, Arizona tour company and followed the seafaring travel route of Charles Darwin. Find out more about Howard Green on his
Google+ profile