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Big Island Activities

Along with taking in the enchantment of the volcanic action on the Island of Hawaii, there is such a wealth of Big Island Activities to enjoy while visiting the largest of the Hawaiian islands that there isn’t a chance of running out of great tours to make your vacation to Hawaii a special event. Plus, the distinctiveness of these adventures gives your travel plans a special touch.
For the active and young-at-heart, take in some private surfing lessons available in one and a half or two and a half hour lessons from expert Hawaiian lifeguards. There’s 30 minutes of classroom instruction, followed by hands-on lessons in surfing etiquette, safety and paddling techniques. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to surf, there’s no better way than to get some professional instruction from the surfing experts in this example of Big Island activities.
A lot of the fun about Hawaii involves food and dance. So, a definite inclusion in Big Island activities needs to be the three-hour Lava Legends Luau that features a scrumptious buffet, watching a colorful Hawaiian fashion show, seeing the torches and hearing the pulsing drumbeat of the imu ceremony that signals the start of the luau. Island breezes make this show and feast a real tropical treat.
Put some exhilaration into your vacation with the three-hour Big Island Zipline Adventure. You’ll glide over the rain forest canopy in the northern part of the Island of Hawaii on a nine-line zipline route that spans 4,500 feet and reaches heights of 140 feet in the air. Alternatives on this feature in Big Island activities include changes in speed and riding the course while facing backward or forward. Besides the excitement of this tour, you get an extreme close up view of the trees and plants that make up the Hawaiian jungle.
Volcanoes are an obvious attraction on the Island of Hawaii, since the Big Island has five of them. You can add some individuality to volcano watching by partaking in the Kona Coffee Belt and Volcano Tour. A 6-wheel drive Pinzgauer vehicle transports you through rain forests and grassy hills to a height of 6,000 feet to the top of Hualalai Kaupulehu Crater. One mile of walking lets you explore a lava tube and then this choice in Big Island activities takes you to a coffee plantation where you enjoy a cup of Kona coffee.
See some fantastic sights while adding fun water activities to your vacation with the 4 Hour Zodiac, Snorkel & Dolphin Adventure. You’ll get to know the Kona coast of Hawaii with this active excursion in Big Island activities that allows you to ride in 24-foot rubber rafts and snorkel using provided masks and fins. There’s a good chance that you’ll spot dolphins while on your way to Kealakekua Bay in your Zodiac raft. Volcanic formations, such as lava tubes, grottos and sea caves are pointed out from the sea. Refreshments on this travel adventure include tropical fruits such as pineapple. The 5 Hour Sea Life Snorkel Experience gives you a chance to spot turtles, humpback whales and manta rays. After snorkeling over a coral reef, you enjoy a hike to the Captain Cook Monument, followed by a light lunch.
Not all of the Big Island activities involve viewing the sights on land or in the ocean. The Mauna Kea Star Tour lets you gaze upon the stars from the highest point on the Island of Hawaii, the Mauna Kea summit, home of the Mauna Kea Observatory. This seven and a half hour tour lets you look through the powerful telescope situated in the clear air atop the volcanic mountain. You’ll even take a hike to the 14,000-foot summit, where you can check out the Mauna Loa volcano that’s nearby and the distant Haleakala volcano on the Island of Maui. You receive a hot dinner and the special treat after viewing the night sky is hot beverages and macadamia nut cookies covered in chocolate.
Hawaii is filled with colorful, exotic birds. Check them out through the Big Island Fully-Guided Birdwatching Tour. After some 4-wheeling, you reach the height of 7,000 feet and arrive at Mauna Kea. Bird species include the Oma'o, a common Hawaiian thrush; the Elepaio, an Old World flycatcher; the Akiapolaau, a bright yellow finch; and the Apapane, a finch with bright crimson red feathers. You might even spot a Palila, an endangered species of Hawaiian honeycreeper with a golden yellow head. This fully-guided birding tour comes with binoculars, hiking sticks, backpacks, rain gear, breakfast and lunch.
There are even more Big Island Activities, such as kayaking, historical tours and a sunset champagne dinner cruise. With so much to do on your Hawaii vacation, you just might have to travel to the Aloha State more than once to take it all in.

Post by: Howard Green