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Big Island Helicopter Tours

Viewing the beauty of volcanoes in action and seeing the natural essence of the tropical rain forest over the Island of Hawaii is awe-inspiring when it’s accomplished through one of the Big Island helicopter tours available to you. The quiet technology of the Eco-Star or the customized A-Star helicopters come complete with a glass-filled cockpit that allows every passenger the chance for amazing panoramic views to give you memorable photographic possibilities. Plus, you listen to your pilot/guide through aviation-quality Bose® headsets and can get a four-camera DVD recording of your helicopter trip.
See the striking sea cliffs of the Kohala coast, on the northwest side of the Island of Hawaii by taking the 50-minute Big Island Kohala Coast Helicopter Tour. Your chopper takes you up and over the eldest of the five volcanoes on the Big Island, Kohala Mountain, on this version of Big Island helicopter tours. Along the way, you’ll see steep walls ranging up to hundreds of feet high, tranquil and lush rain forests and rough volcanic cliffs. Your tour guide points out information and facts about this coastal Hawaiian paradise and your eyes are treated to amazing eye candy of this tropical splendor.
The Big Island Lava and Waterfalls Tour adds the main attraction from the Island of Hawaii, its active volcanoes of Kilauea and Mauna Loa, to your 50-minute itinerary of Big Island helicopter tours. Once your chopper lifts off from Hilo, you fly to Mount Kilauea, the most active of Hawaiian volcanoes, which has erupted continuous for nearly 30 years. You also see the world’s largest volcano that’s west of Kilauea, Mauna Loa, at 13,678 feet. The last eruption of this volcano was in 1984 when a lava flow advanced to within four miles of Hilo and lit up the city at night. Besides seeing these two active volcanoes, you’ll get to view the wondrous tropical vegetation that covers the Orchid Isle’s countryside while enjoying a full commentary from your pilot and tour guide.
Seeing is unbelievable when you partake in the DOORS OFF!! 50-minute Big Island Helicopter Flight. Not only can you see directly below you when you ride in a chopper with the doors off, but you can actually feel the heat escaping from the exposed lava of the volcano. Besides circling the active volcanoes of the Island of Hawaii on this version of Big Island helicopter tours, you’ll enjoy scenic visions of this spectacular activity from the isolated rain forests to the cities that dot the largest island of the Hawaiian archipelago. And, the full narration from your guide keys you in on the history and geology of the Aloha State.
When you want a diversion in your Hawaiian vacation that is an activity to remember, take the 2-Hour Big Island Helicopter Tour. From vast dropping waterfalls to sheer cliffs rising from the Pacific Ocean and steaming volcanoes, this selection of Big Island helicopter tours is one of the best. A great aspect about all Big Island helicopter tours is that you’re in the best seat in the world for watching volcanic activity. Plus, Mount Kilauea has been active for close to 30 years, so you’re sure to see some volcanic action. The luxury, minimum-vibration helicopter used on this chopper flightseeing trip takes you over Kilauea, Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea. You’ll also get a fly-by over the Hamakua Coast along the northeast side of the Big Island for sights that will fill your camera with amazing photographs.
In the Big Island 2 Hour Helicopter Tour, you lift off from Waikoloa, located on the South Kohola Coast of the Island of Hawaii, to view the continuous lava flows and constant steam emitted from Mount Kilauea. The volcanic geological action of this largest island in the U.S. results in interesting black sand beaches that you’ll also see from your luxury helicopter. The chopper will then zip overtop of the emerald green rain forests to the Kohala Mountains on the north side of the island. There are villages and tumbling waterfalls to discover as your helicopter traverses overtop of the Big Island via your pick of Big Island helicopter tours. Of course, the history and volcanic information is fully narrated by your guide and pilot.
Big Island helicopter tours aren’t limited to just volcanic action. On the Volcanoes from Helicopter with Lush Valley Landing, after taking in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, you’re flown to a remote valley for a landing where you can enjoy an hour of relaxing, hiking and witnessing an up close and personal inspection of the vividly green flora and fauna of the tropics.
Fly over the picturesque Alenuihaha Channel to the neighboring island on the Helicopter Flight from Hawaii’s Big Island to Maui and see the immense crater of Mount Haleakala. After viewing this 10,000-foot monster volcano, you’ll feast your eyes on intense waterfalls and the green Hana rain forest. Upon return to the Island of Hawaii, your chopper takes you over the powerful Kohala Mountains that end with abrupt cliffs diving deep into the Pacific Ocean. 
You only live once. So, why not take the best way to view the volcanos that are so close with one of these Big Island helicopter tours? It will prove to be the most spectacular part of your Hawaiian vacation.

Posted by: Howard Green