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Denver Pot Tours

It’s finally here in Colorado… Marijuana is legal on a recreational level!  You may think it’s just for the stoner who wants to sit inside and giggle, but that couldn’t be further from the truth!  What’s happening in Denver is a whole other secondary market for tours built around the city landmarks and the smoking past time.  Denver is so rich in culture and history that it would be a shame to not get out and learn about it and see the Rocky Mountains and maybe even catch a glimpse of a buffalo herd!
There are so many tour options no matter your interest level.  If you are very interested in the pot industry and want to see how the grow facilities operate, experience the multiple dispensaries that line
Denver's “Green Mile”
, a main street in Denver, and if you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth then the Denver Weed Tour with a Sweet Tooth is the tour for you!  You tour the various dispensaries with a luxury limo as your transportation and then end up at Hammond’s Candies!  You get to use a $25 gift certificate on anything you want in this historic candy store that has been in business here in Denver since 1920 handcrafting their sweets.  
Maybe you consider yourself a Cannabis Connoisseur and you would prefer to visit a Vape Lounge to indulge your senses with a vaporizer.  Without combustion occurring when a vaporizer is used properly and at cooler temperatures, extraction of the key ingredients of the marijuana happens much more efficiently.  For this experience and a few stops at the local pot shops you’ll want to take the Vape Lounge - Denver Pot Tour.  Don’t miss the “viewing corridor” at one of the pot shops that lets you peek in on the grow operation too!
If you want to enhance your Rocky Mountain High why not take a trip to the world renown Red Rocks