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Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

While on a visit to Arizona, don’t forget to view that huge gouge in the earth’s crust by going on any of the Grand Canyon helicopter tours. Helicopters not only fly forward, but they can come to a complete standstill in the air and then slowly rise or descend. So, the views you get of sedimentary layers of rock along the sides of the Grand Canyon is close-up and unique. Plus, your chopper can land on the valley floor or on the rim in locations that might take days to hike into. With surrounding glass and small seating capacity, you get an intimate tour with incredible views in a helicopter.

Experience Astonishing Adventure with Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours Skywalk

Grand Canyon Helicopter ToursBy adding the glass-surfaced bridge in the shape of a horseshoe called Skywalk to your Las Vegas helicopter tours, you gain excitement both in the air and on the ground. But, when you’re walking on a structure while looking through glass to the Grand Canyon floor hundreds of feet below your own feet, you’ll feel like you’re Wile E. Coyote stepping into mid-air off the side of the canyon while chasing the Roadrunner.

The Helicopter-to-Skywalk Grand Canyon Daytrip is only 3½ hours long and starts by giving you a stretch limousine ride to your jet helicopter, which rockets you to Arizona’s version of the seven natural wonders of the world. Then, you take a casual (or heart-throbbing, if you fear heights) walk on the Skywalk that extends beyond the Grand Canyon’s West Rim. Cameras aren’t allowed, but you get a complimentary photograph of this structure.

On the 5½-hour Grand Canyon Skywalk and Helicopter Combo adventure, a Las Vegas helicopter departure zips you over the Grapevine Mesa, Black Mountains, Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam, followed by the Grand Canyon. You take some vertical helicopter trips up and down the rock walls that are up to 6,000 feet high. Then, you can walk the Skywalk with confidence, knowing that the foundation of this glass bridge handles the weight of over 822 people and that they limit it to 120 walkers. Six- and seven-hour helicopter tours that include Skywalk are also available.

Even the Cheapest Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours Are Amazing

Helicopter at Grand CanyonYou don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon. For about $300, you can put a dollop of whipped cream on top of you fabulous vacation with some Las Vegas Grand Canyon tours.

The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and Hoover Dam Helicopter Tour is three hours long and costs less than $300. From McCarren Airport in Las Vegas, a helicopter takes only minutes to have you hovering over the Grand Canyon. You actually get a half an hour viewing this massive chasm from your luxury helicopter. You’ll also catch the big casinos of the Strip in Las Vegas from your chopper.

Another trip priced at under $300 is the Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour and Toast, which is four hours long. From Vegas, your helicopter flies over Lake Mead and Hoover Dam to the Grand Canyon. While viewing the 6,000-foot deep gorge, you get a full commentary on Grand Canyon geology. After landing on a private spot on the valley floor, you enjoy a toast of champagne. For a different version of this adventure, try the Sunset Helicopter Landing Tour at the Grand Canyon that includes the champagne toast, but while the sun paints spectacular colors across the canyon’s mile-high walls.

Enjoy Adventures with Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours from Grand Canyon

When you elect to take a helicopter ride Grand Canyon, it’s sometimes best to catch that jaunt right at the canyon in order to combine it with other activities to give your vacation time a more fulfilling feel. Ground transportation, airplane rides, river floats and even hiking can give your Grand Canyon adventure more kick.

That’s exactly what the Airplane, Helicopter, Boat – The Grand Canyon Extreme Tour! is all about. An airplane flies you from Sedona, Arizona to Grand Canyon’s West Rim. You then enjoy an up-close helicopter ride down 4,000 feet of vertical cliffs to the valley floor. A pontoon boat floats you down a section of the water that carved out the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River. Then, the Hualapai Indians serve you lunch. You can also experience the crystal-clear walkway of the Skywalk on this six-hour excursion. All Angles Grand Canyon Adventure is a six-hour tour from Las Vegas with the same modes of Grand Canyon transportation, along with motorcoach touring on the West Rim.

On the select seven-hour Grand Canyon Air and Water Tour, you receive the airplane ride from Las Vegas, the hovering helicopter ride down the 4,000-foot cliff wall of the Grand Canyon’s West Rim, a pontoon boat ride, a helicopter flight to Guano Point, where you enjoy a lunch. This exceptional location allows a complete 360º view of the Grand Canyon for photographs that are amazing. With the extra hour or two that you get on this tour, you can use the bus to gain several spectacular views of the huge ravine below you.

Grand Canyon by HelicopterYou view the same Grand Canyon, but from a different vantage point when you take the Deluxe Air and Land Grand Canyon Excursion. Only 40 minutes of your 7½-hour tour is taken up with the airplane flight from Las Vegas to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Pop off the plane and onto a deluxe chopper for intense and very close visions of the canyon’s immense walls. Spires and towers and the Colorado River make up the landscape here. Once back on land, a shuttle transports you to various locations of the Grand Canyon National Park to give you additional sightseeing opportunities and a chance for a nice hike. The shuttle is free, as is your deluxe box lunch.

When sightseeing on your vacation includes the 6,000-foot deep gulch that’s known as the Grand Canyon, it only makes sense to view it with one of the many Grand Canyon helicopter tours. The stunning images that you’ll record on your camera make this holiday adventure one to remember for a long time.

Posted by: Howard Green