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Grand Canyon Hiking Tours

You take in the enormous size and unyielding beauty of what is known as one of the seven natural wonders of the world when you enjoy the Grand Canyon hiking tours described here. These Grand Canyon hikes vary from day excursions to multiple day trips that include overnight stays right on the canyon floor. Since hiking in this area involves extreme elevation changes resulting in what some might consider strenuous physical conditions, you should be in reasonably good health to enjoy these hikes.

Benefit from Grand Canyon Day Hikes When Time is Limited

Grand Canyon HikingNot everyone can spend several days hiking the Grand Canyon. If you are limited in your vacation time, a single day of hiking might be right for you. An excellent choice, if you’re in Vegas, is the 14½-hour Las Vegas to Grand Canyon South Bus Tour. You’re picked up and dropped off at your Las Vegas hotel with this fully-guided tour. The luxury motorcoach that you board takes you through the Mojave Desert with its indicator species, the Joshua tree. Upon arrival at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, you can take the Rim Trail, which is at the 6,820 elevation and varies only about 200 feet in elevation.

This 13-mile mostly-paved trail starts at the South Kaibab Trailhead and points you west to Hermits Rest. A shuttle bus takes you to South Kaibab Trailhead. Approximately two miles down the trial is Mather Point, a scenic overlook of the canyon. Another three-quarters of a mile and you’re at Yavapai Point, a glass observation area where you can read canyon information on display. The Grand Canyon National Park Headquarters junction is next at 1¼ miles, where you see historic buildings, water and a restroom. Another 1½ miles and you’re at Trailview Overlook, with great views of the Bright Angel Trail. After 1½ miles, you’re at Powell Point, where the pavement ends and it becomes a three-foot wide dirt trail. Three-quarters of a mile later is Hopi Point and a toilet. Monument Creek Vista is 3.7 miles later, when you’re back on a nine-foot wide paved trail. Just a little over a mile later is Hermits Rest, home of a small gift shop, a snack bar, water and a toilet. There are multiple places along this hike for fantastic photographic opportunities of the vast Grand Canyon. Entry fees, breakfast and lunch are included with this tour.

The Grand Canyon Hiking – Fully Guided outing departs from Sedona and Flagstaff, Arizona for a full day tour. On the way to the Grand Canyon, you’ll see Oak Creek Canyon, the Cameron Trading Post and the Painted Desert. Once you arrive at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, you’ll immediately start hiking. There’s a lunch, after which you can take another three-mile hike, or check out the Grand Canyon Village. This guided tour is done in a small group with a maximum of seven participants. There is a steep grade in this hike with a 1,000-foot elevation change. It’s not for the weak of heart.

Enjoy Cool Waterfalls in the Best Grand Canyon Hiking Tours

Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon

You’ll appreciate the magic of this fine selection of Grand Canyon hiking trips when you take the Havasu Falls Hiking & Camping three-day venture. Ten miles below the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is a side canyon that’s filled with waterfalls and green vegetation, which is a massive change from the red walls of the larger Grand Canyon. Camping gear goes ahead of you, loaded on a mule team, to the Havasupai campground. Toward the end of this 10-mile hike, you enter Supai, the village of the Havasupai Native Americans, where you learn of their culture and their way of life away from roads and civilization. Two miles and three waterfalls later, you eat dinner, soak in Havasu Creek and turn in for the night.

The second day starts with breakfast and a hike to Beaver Falls and the 200-foot drop of Mooney Falls. After lunch, you’ll retrace your steps for a total of a seven-mile trip. The third day returns you up the 10-mile trail to the South Rim, which is also a 2,400-foot climb in elevation. Lunch is either on the trail or at Hualapai Hilltop. An afternoon drive returns you to your Sedona or Flagstaff hotel.

Delight in Grand Canyon Backpacking Tours with Cozy Lodge Accommodations

The usual backpacking trek includes lugging tents, which make the packs on every hiker’s back much heavier. That’s not the case with the Grand Canyon Traverse – 5 Day journey, because you’re always sleeping on a nice bed in a lodge on this five-day/four-night ultimate in hiking adventure. The first day departs Phoenix, Arizona with a drive through the red color of the Vermilion Cliffs to the North Rim Lodge. Grand Canyon’s North Rim is the least developed of all rims of the canyon.

Your Grand Canyon backpacking trip commences the next day over the North Kaibab Trail. You’ll appreciate this canyon’s tremendous size as you reach Coconino Overlook (1½ miles), or Supai Tunnel (four miles). Roaring Springs is 4.7 miles down the trail and 3,050 feet below the elevation of the North Rim. Upon reaching Phantom Ranch, you’ll be 6,000 feet lower in elevation and 14 miles away from the North Rim.

The third day gives you options of hiking the River Trail or Clear Creek Trail. You also can relax at Phantom Ranch, if you wish. President Teddy Roosevelt once camped in this area during a hunting expedition in 1913, when it was then known as Roosevelt Camp. Permanent lodging was built in 1922, when the name of Phantom Ranch was applied. Structures are built using wood and stone from the area.

The fourth day starts on Bright Angel Trail with lunch at Indian Gardens. Then, you’re in for a very steep hike up through Jacob’s Ladder to the South Rim and an overnight at Grand Canyon South. The fifth day involves driving time back to Phoenix.

Not only do you experience some wonderful exercise on these Grand Canyon hiking tours, but you gain fantastic information from your certified hiking guides. There’s no better way to get a full feeling of the mammoth size of the Grand Canyon than to venture right down into the heart of this gorge that’s over a mile deep.