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Grand Canyon Tours From Sedona

Grand Canyon Tours from Sedona:

One of the best aspects about picking this northern Arizona community as your base is that you get to select from so many Grand Canyon tours from Sedona. Chosen as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, this amazing formation exposes over two billion years of the earth’s geological history from its 6,000-foot depth. At 277 miles long and in some places, up to 18 miles wide, you just cannot miss the Grand Canyon.

In the Airplane, Helicopter, Boat – The Grand Canyon Extreme Tour!, you take in an air and water experience while sightseeing this amazing gorge. A short and comfortable airplane flight takes you 108 miles from Sedona to Grand Canyon West at the Grand Canyon. After a short visit, a quick helicopter hop drops you into the floor of the Grand Canyon to the Colorado River. Then, you enjoy a pontoon boat float while looking up canyon walls that extend over a mile above your head.

You get another transfer up those same walls for lunch, presented by the Hualapai (pronounced wal-lah-pie), a recognized Native American tribe whose name means “people of the tall pines” in their language. Before flying back to Sedona, you can take an optional stroll on the Skywalk, involving a glass walkway that is 4,000 feet above the canyon floor. The roundtrip airplane flight, helicopter ride, pontoon boat trip and lunch are all included in this selection of the Grand Canyon tours from Sedona. A hotel pickup and Skywalk entry fees are not included.

For an adventure tour that’s really special, try the Grand Canyon Sunset Tour From Sedona. On this version of the Grand Canyon tours from Sedona, you’ll visit the east and south rims of the canyon in a luxury motorcoach. There are stops at the Cameron Trading Post and the Hopi House at the Grand Canyon Village. There are photography chances at Desert View and the Watchtower Observatory. Dinner is included in this Grand Canyon tour at the Bright Angel Lodge.

Gain various vantage points of the colossal Grand Canyon by taking the Grand Canyon Deluxe – Ground & Air Tour. Starting with a beautiful drive through Oak Creek Canyon, a Ponderosa pine forest and the San Francisco volcanic field, you stop at the Cameron Trading Post for some information on the Native American culture presented by the Navajo Nation. Your comfortable motorcoach takes you through the Painted Desert to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, where an immense panorama view unfolds from the Watchtower Observatory. From there, it’s off to Grandview Point, where you can search for the Kaibab Suspension Bridge, along with the Phantom Ranch.

There’s a hike, followed by a half-hour helicopter ride, the highlight of this pick of Grand Canyon tours from Sedona. You’ll ride down, up and over the immense walls to experience breathtaking images of the Grand Canyon. After that ride-of-a-lifetime, you’ll eat lunch at Maswik Lodge, followed by some shopping time at the Grand Canyon Village. There’s a visit to the historic railway station and El Tovar Lodge, along with a stop at the sandstone Hopi House. You just won’t forget this voyage.

Another version of Grand Canyon tours from Sedona adds some geology and history to your vacation in the Grand Canyon Ruins & Volcanoes Tour. On the morning drive with this fully guided tour, you take in the Sunset Crater National Monument, highlighting dormant volcanoes and ancient lava fields. The next stop on this day tour involves the Wupatki National Monument that features an ancient Native American village and delves into the history of the Pueblo Peoples. After lunch (included in the tour) at the Cameron Trading Post, you visit the South and East Rims of the Grand Canyon and view this immense cut into Mother Earth at the Watchtower Observatory. There’s also a visit to Kolb Studio and you see the stepped 1905 construction of the Hopi House.

Maybe you’re not at Sedona. Perhaps your base camp is Scottsdale, Phoenix, or Tempe. Don’t despair. Take the Sedona & Grand Canyon Tour – 2 Day, the Grand Canyon & Sedona 3 Day Adventure, or the Grand Canyon & Sedona 5 day Adventure. Each of these Grand Canyon tours from Sedona involves overnight accommodations in Sedona. They also take in a beautiful drive through the Sonoran Desert. And, you get plenty of walking time along the mile-deep Grand Canyon on these fully guided tours.
The 3 day variety of Grand Canyon tours from Sedona includes a rafting trip down the Colorado River to see the Glen Canyon Dam and petroglyphs carved into the sandstone rocks. You also enjoy some leisure time to discover Sedona’s historic district.

The 5 day choice in Grand Canyon tours from Sedona includes a Jeep tour through Sedona’s wilderness backcountry, where you get an up close and personal experience driving next to the famous red rocks that dominate the entire region. There’s also five hours of a whitewater rafting trip down the Colorado River and through the Grand Canyon that ends with a helicopter ride from the canyon floor to the rim. Four breakfasts, two lunches and four nights of accommodations are included in this tour.

Add some exercise to your adventure tour by enjoying the Grand Canyon Hiking – Fully Guided tour. Rather than standing around on the rim, you actually march on into the canyon for an experience of a lifetime. The first hike commences from the South Rim. After lunch, you can take a three-mile hike, or take a ride to the Grand Canyon Village, Moran Point and Lipan Point for photo opportunities. There is a change in elevation of 1,000 feet, so this isn’t hiking for the faint of heart. Dress for temperature extremes and bring at least two quarts of water for your pick of the Grand Canyon tours from Sedona.

Full day, two day and three day rail tours are available for a leisurely version of Grand Canyon tours from Sedona. With so many choices, there’s a Grand Canyon visit right for you.

Posted by: Howard Green