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Jackson Hole Snowmobile Tours - Winter Fun for the Family

The Teton National Park and National Forest, along with Yellowstone National Park, are great wintertime destinations when you take in some Jackson Hole snowmobile tours. You witness the stark beauty of winter in the Rocky Mountains, complete with geothermal sights and big wildlife, such as frost-covered bison, plus evergreen covered mountain peaks. It’s a vacation showing off amazing country that you’ll always remember.

On the Snowmobile the Continental Divide Trail, you spend nine hours blasting your snow machine over 60 miles on the mountain divide that separates waters flowing to the Pacific Ocean in the west and waters running east to the Atlantic. Nothing beats the thrill of fresh powder snow blasting over the cowling of a modern snowmobile with a four-stroke engine onboard on any of these Jackson Hole snowmobile tours. And, operating a snow machine is easy and fun. It has handle bars similar to a motorcycle, but instead of wheels, you have two skis that steer the front and a large stable track under most of your sled that propels you forward. A professional guide shows the way over a groomed trail through the Bridger Teton National Forest in northwest Wyoming. At 3.4 million acres, this is the second largest National Forest outside of Alaska. Stark layers of Rocky Mountains are covered with white ice cream soft snow, interspersed with bristling green/black evergreens for contrast ideal to give you amazing photographic memories. A noontime stop takes in a good lunch in a remote lodge. This is one pick in Jackson Hole snowmobile tours that you won’t want to miss.

Old Faithfull Snowmobile Tour - Great Jackson Hole Recreation

Let off some steam with the Old Faithful Snowmobile Tour. You’re picked up at 6:30 a.m. from your Jackson hotel and transported by van 58 miles to the Flagg Ranch, property owned by the National Park Service near the south entrance to Yellowstone National Park. On this selection of Jackson Hole snowmobile tours, you begin with some safety instructions and park regulations. Yellowstone Park restricts snowmobile numbers to minimize disturbances to wildlife in the park, which makes it more enjoyable for you. Then, you don your warm one-piece snowmobile suit, helmet and visor, boots and mittens for some exquisite fun in the snow. Inevitably, you’ll see one of several of the bison bulls of Yellowstone.

Morning stops include Lewis Falls, West Thumb and the Continental Divide. You’ll get to see one of the eruptions that occur every 91 minutes by the Old Faithful Geyser on this pick of Jackson Hole snowmobile tours. Anywhere from 3,700 to 8,400 gallons of boiling hot water and steam shoot 106 to 185 feet into the air after being heated by geothermal heat from below. Then, you’ll eat a hearty lunch at the National Park facilities near Old Faithful.

On your return snowmobile trek, you’ll see amazing winter scenes at Shoshone Overlook, Moose Falls and the Kepler Cascades. Included in this 11-hour tour is a snowmobile guide, transportation to and from your Jackson Hole hotel, breakfast and lunch, plus toasty warm snowmobile clothing and a modern snowmobile. Another thing…driving a snowmobile is a huge blast.

When you take the 12-hour Yellowstone Snowmobiling Adventure, you cover 122 miles of snow-covered trails through a huge section of Yellowstone National Park. Included on this variety of Jackson Hole snowmobile tours is Yellowstone Canyon, the northern side of Yellowstone Lake, the Yellowstone River and Hayden Valley. This 50 square mile valley floor is an ancient lake bed made at a time when the Yellowstone River was bigger. Bison, coyote, grizzly bear and elk live in Hayden Valley. Chances are pretty good that you’ll catch a glimpse of a 1,800-pound bison bull through this area.

A steady tempo on your metal and fiberglass snow sled ensures that you see all of the sights of this specific selection of Jackson Hole snowmobile tours. You’ll take in the amazing geothermal features at West Thumb, Dragon’s Mouth and Mud Volcano. Don’t miss Fishing Cone, a symmetrical cone at West Thumb with interesting stories about boiled trout. Also, note the intense color of the Abyss Pool, another West Thumb attraction. Recurrent batches of steam interspersed by flashes of water give Dragon’s Mouth its name. In 1948, the Black Dragon’s Caldron blasted trees away and smacked mud throughout the woods. Between the thermal steam that is more visible in the cold winter air and the white frost shimmering on the backs of huge bison, your camera gets a real workout on this snowmobile trek.

By visiting the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks on any of the Jackson Hole snowmobile tours, you witness this picturesque part of the Rocky Mountains at the prettiest time of the year. Reviews from people who went on snowmobile adventures through this area rant and rave about its scenic wonder. Besides, operating snowmobiles through the dreamlike winter landscape is fun.

The Facts About Yellowstone Snowmobile Tours

Author: Carissa Glenn

If you have never visited Yellowstone in the winter, you have missed out on an exciting and unique opportunity to see the beauty and grandeur of this part of the country. Yellowstone snowmobile tours get you into a different world than what you would see during the summer season... read more 
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