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Kauai ATV Tours

If you’ve never grabbed the handle bars of an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), then you’re promised a real treat when you take a Kauai ATV ride with the tours available here. ATVs put power to all four wheels. They’re fully automatic and driving them is as easy as pulling on the throttle on the end of your handle bars and turning that same set of handle bars to steer your rig left or right. Balloon tires give your ATV amazing traction, which is essential when powering through the countryside that is often soaked with a Kauai rain. Also, you get a complete training session to bring you up to speed on maneuvering your ATV.
Another plus with these Kauai ATV tours is that you can pick custom-crafted vehicles that hold two or even four passengers. Mud bugs hold two people, and with an open cockpit, they’re aptly named. Don’t worry. You’re bound to get muddy, but there’s a chance for a shower after your tour is over. The Ohana Bug is another unique ATV that holds up to four passengers. All use automatic transmissions and are a cinch to drive. Three-point harnesses strap you inside these ATVs that also come with roll bars. Drivers need to be at least 16 years old, while riders must be a minimum of five years old.
On the Kauai ATV Adventure, you experience three hours of horsepower and fun. You start from the old Koloa sugar mill, which was on a sugar plantation that started in 1835 on the south end of Kauai, and drive through a sugar farm that’s in full production. Even for a longtime ATV driver, roaring down the length of the historic cane haul tunnel is a very new experience. From Survey Point, there’s a view of Kauai that makes for a perfect photograph in your camera. There’s even a stop to view where “To End All Wars” was filmed, featuring Kiefer Sutherland. You’ll get to see the tropical rain forest complete with water-loving plants, along with arid farmland. Exceptional animals, such as fruit bats and wild pigs, can be seen while you are en route on this ATV adventure. Included in this activity is appropriate safety gear (even loaned clothes, so you don’t have to worry about laundry), your selection of ATV vehicle, tour guides and a safety lesson. You even receive a bandana as a souvenir. Plus, beverages and snacks are provided.
The four-hour ATV Tour to Tropical Waterfalls tour lets you feel the power of your ATV and then take a dip in the rain water from Kauai waterfalls. You’ll start by roaring through sugar cane agriculture land and learning about the long history of cane plantations in Hawaii with this Kauai ATV drive. After two hours of this ATV venture into Kauai, you stop among a bamboo forest for a lunch o