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Kauai Horseback Riding

A really positive aspect about taking in some Kauai horseback riding is that it’s an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Plus, when you add in the natural beauty of the “Garden Isle” known as Hawaii’s Kauai, it equals a vacation event that’s not only an adventure, but something to remember for many years to come.
What many visitors of Hawaii don’t realize is that horses and cattle ranches have a long history in the Aloha State. The paniolo, or Hawaiian cowboy, is derived from the vaquero, or Hispanic cowboy hailing from California and Mexico. Since there is no “s” sound in the Hawaiian language, it’s thought that paniolo is a Hawaiianized way to say the word, español. Captain George Vancouver presented Pai‘ea Kamehameha, the leader of Hawaii, with cattle that by the early 1800s numbered so many that they were tearing up the vegetation. John Parker, an AWOL sailor who settled on the islands in 1812, was given permission by the Hawaiian leader to capture the cattle and develop the first cattle ranch. In 1832, Mexican vaqueros were invited to the islands to teach the local Polynesian people how to handle cattle. Today’s paniolo has styles of clothing that are similar to the Hispanic vaquero of a century ago in California and Mexico. The noho lio, or Hawaiian saddle, contains a distinguishing Spanish American appearance.
The two-hour Horseback Riding on Kauai tour doesn’t require one ounce of former experience on top of a horse. This Kauai horseback riding tour comes complete with a riding helmet, boots, lots of drinking water, a horse to ride on and a professional wrangler to ensure that you enjoy a safe adventure on a trail into the lush Kauai jungle. Weather isn’t an issue, so if it’s raining, you are provided with a rain slicker made to wear while riding a horse. Swimming trucks or shorts aren’t the attire while on this tour. Long pants and a pair of socks are required and can be rented for a minimal charge. There’s a pack strapped to the saddle on your horse, so you have a place to put a camera, which is a very recommended piece of equipment to bring along and record all of the interesting views that you’ll experience from atop your steed. You won’t be riding in a mob. These riding tours are limited to just five riders, ages 10 and up.