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Maui ATV Tours

Whether you want to see the west side of the island or the east side of the island, there are Maui ATV tours that will do the trick. These outstanding rides take you along craggy, scenic coastlines for breathtaking ocean views, during which you can enjoy the sight of waves crashing against the shore. Furthermore, they may take you into the lush interior of Maui for the opportunity to marvel at the exotic flora and fauna that are native to the island and beach. To put it plainly, Maui ATV tours are simply the best way to shuttle yourself to and fro throughout a section of the 730-square-mile landmass.

Maui Tours
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 maui atv tours

There are two primary ways to travel on these excursions. You can either proceed on a more traditional one-passenger or multi-passenger, all-wheel-drive (AWD) all-terrain vehicle (ATV), or you can maneuver around the island on a dune buggy. The former is easy to handle and surprisingly nimble, while the latter boasts a larger wheelbase, wider wheels and a lower center of gravity, giving you the ability to tackle even the most challenging of terrains. But no matter which rentals you choose, these island ATV rides and dune buggy tours provide thrills to last a lifetime!

  Maui's West Coast

If you decide to take an ATV adventure on Maui’s west coast, then you’ll do it at Kahoma Ranch. This country cattle farm offers fantastic trails and dirt roads that are privately owned, meaning that it’s just you, your trail guide, and the other guests on the expedition…in terms of human life, that is. Not your typical resort! This one is a bit hit with travelers. As with most places on Maui, you’ll be surrounded by an array of animals, including the aforementioned cattle, exotic songbirds, and lounging lizards. These thrilling ATV excursions at Kahoma Ranch offer phenomenal views of the West Maui Mountains, plus sightseeing opportunities of the beach town of Kaanapali, the pristine offshore islands of Lanai and Molokai, and the former whaling capital of the world, Lahaina.

On these 90-minute ATV tours, in addition to seeing fantastic heights and breathtaking coastlines and beaches, you should be prepared to get dirty, as well. These vehicles are meant for all terrains because you’ll be tackling all terrains, from relatively flat straightaways in which you can pick up some speed, to patches of mud and water where you’ll splash the drivers behind you, get splashed by those in front of you, or more likely, both! From our description, you should be able to tell that Maui ATV excursions offer some serious fun and carefree moments.

 Maui's East Coast

In addition to those found on the western end of the island, Maui ATV tours operate along the eastern coastline, too. Excursions at Mendes Ranch, like those at Kahoma Ranch, last roughly 90 minutes. You can select from either morning or afternoon rides, both of which take you down from the corral, out to the Pacific Ocean, and back. It’s at the coast that you’ll discover awe-inspiring views of the largest body of water in the world, and have your picture taken right in front of its crashing waves, courtesy of your always helpful trail guides. Along the way, you may even spot some nenes (that is, Hawaiian geese) and other sea birds in the air, wild boars and cows on land, and spinner dolphins and endangered monk seals in the water.

ATV trips from Mendes Ranch include complimentary refreshments. But for those who (rightly) anticipate being hungry at the end of their journey, a homemade barbecue lunch may be added for a reasonable fee from one of the top notch restaurants. In other words, take this ride, park for some great barbecue, and you’re in for a day of food, fun, attractions and friends!

We could keep talking on and on about the incredible Maui ATV tours that are available on the so-called “Magic Isle,” but we’d prefer that you just try one out for yourself. It’s trips and attractions like these that can’t be described with words alone, or even pictures, for that matter—you have to experience them to believe they’re real! So on your next vacation out here, make sure you book one or both of the tours we’ve mentioned, and guarantee getting you and your travel companions one heck of a great island time.

Posted by: Howard Green