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Maui Eco Tours

Maui eco tours are a fantastic way to see the island without leaving your footprint behind. There are so many fragile, unspoiled habitats here, in fact, that you could spend your entire vacation on the island going on Maui eco tours without ever exhausting the possibilities. If you’re on the search for low-impact excursions, these will take you everywhere, from the warm coastal waters that are home to stunning animals, to the highest of mountain heights and the deepest of valley depths.

Maui Eco Tours
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 Maui Eco Tours

There are five Maui eco tours on which we’d like to comment briefly, namely, kayak trips, mountain bike rides, whale watching, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Maui Kayaking  Maui Kayaking

Kayaking expeditions are a wonderful means for getting around the water using your own arm, back, and core muscles. Seated in a spacious cockpit, you’ll paddle hundreds of feet into and around the Pacific Ocean at places like Honolua Bay, Papalaua, Makena, and Olowalu, depending on your level of experience and your personal interests. For instance, one four-and-a-half-hour kayaking adventure off of Papalaua is on the more challenging side, but offers phenomenal opportunities to gaze up at sea cliffs and possibly even spot humpback whales during the winter months. By contrast, other trips offer calmer waters and shorter durations for those who are less accustomed to kayaking.

 Whale Watching

If kayaking and mountain biking seem a little bit too intense for your liking, whale watching Hawaiian tours are leisurely and nothing short of amazing. These Maui eco tours run mostly during December, January, and February, off the coast of Lahaina, where pods of humpbacks migrate down from the north in order to feed and breed in the warm Hawaiian waters. These excursions, which typically last about two hours, will get you within 100 yards of the majestic beasts, and allow you to capture them up close as they smack the waters with their gargantuan fins!

Biking  Biking

Mountain biking rides qualify as phenomenal Maui eco tours, as well. These center around the island’s most famous volcano, Haleakala, and give riders the chance to pedal and cruise downhill to their heart’s content. The views of the habitat are outstanding, too; they include the sight of Haleakala’s ashy summit caldera, rare flora and fauna such as the silversword plant and the nene goose, and plenty of rocky terrain, Certain mountain biking tours also depart early enough in the morning to give you a long look at an iconic Hawaiian sunset!

  Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Snorkeling and scuba diving are two more Maui eco tours that can expose you to the magical world that lies within the ocean’s depths. You can find the best sites in which to snorkel and scube dive all around the island’s coastline, or even head out into the Pacific on a boat dive. One of the most popular snorkeling locations according to reviews is the sunken volcanic crater known as the Islet of Molokini. Within the crater, you’ve got calm, protected waters, which ensure high degrees of visibility. For much the same reason, many sea creatures take refuge here among the coral and the hardened volcanic rock. The result is a swirling rainbow of color just beneath the waves, with everything from parrotfish to Hawaiian green sea turtles navigating Molokini’s waters. Coral Gardens, Five Caves, and Turtle Town are a few other options for those who don’t have the time or energy to make it out for snorkeling at Molokini.

Scuba diving Maui eco tours can likewise be had at Molokini. Going a little further into the crater’s depths means the possibility of seeing moray eels and other life forms that prefer to stay outside of the limelight. And trips to the back wall of Molokini and into the open ocean are counted among the finest in the world, with hundreds of species just waiting to be discovered. Dolphins, rays, shark whales—you name it!

Boat dives, meanwhile, can get you up close to several of the famous World War II era wrecks that exist around the island at depths between 50 ft. and 100 ft. You could see an F4F Hellcat, an SB2C Helldiver, and other fighter jets and dive-bombers. Note that these Maui eco tours, however, are for advanced divers only. If that’s not you, easier shore dive sites can be found at Airport Beach, Kapalua Bay, and several other places.

As you can tell, Maui eco tours are not in short supply. The lesson, then, is that it’s possible to explore the planet’s natural wonders without doing harm to them. So book a couple Maui eco tours today, and get ready for Mother Earth to dazzle you!
Posted by: Howard Green