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Maui Hawaii Excursions

Although you might think that you can just show up and have a great time, in light of the countless Maui Hawaii excursions that are available, you’re gonna want to plan ahead. This paradise island has it all. And we have the critical information you need. You can kayak and sail, snorkel and dive, hike and bike—we think you get the picture.

  Maui Boating

Among the Maui Hawaii excursions we most recommend are dinner cruises. You’ll set off in the early evening hours either on a sailboat or a cruise ship while the sun falls in the western Maui Hawaii Excursionshorizon. As it does, the sky will burst into infinite shades of red, pink, and purple, while you lazily float along the Pacific Ocean. On top of the smooth ride, you’ll get to feast on delectable treats, from grilled ono to prime rib. Plus, you’ll get to take in the sights, which could include luau-type festivities such as fire and hula dancers, or visits to the islands of Lanai and Molokai.

Also worth mentioning as it pertains to boating options are those that focus on animal life. You see, many oceanic Maui, Hawaii daily excursions place an emphasis on getting you as close as possible to the spectacular creatures that inhabit the waters surrounding the island. Thus, you could head off the shore of Lahaina on a whale watching tour, or take a ride out to Lanai for the chance to snorkel with dolphins.

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  Maui Snorkeling

Speaking of snorkeling, there are tons of Maui, Hawaii adventure options that do just that. Because the variety and vibrancy of the coral and fish species here are so remarkable, few visitors leave the island without at least once dipping their heads beneath the Pacific Ocean’s surface. Most snorkeling tours run off the western coast of Maui, particularly at the seaside towns of Kihei and Lahaina. Under the sea, you’ll see an array of fish—red, yellow, blue, green, and every other color imaginable. And for something even more unique, head out to Molokini Crater for some of the clearest waters around, and the most incredible assortment of animals you can find in a single location.

  Maui Helicopter Tours

Maui Helicopter ToursThat being said, if you prefer air to water, but were starting to worry that there may not be any such Maui, Hawaii tour options for you, don’t panic! Maui is hardly short on flight options to transport you over its two phenomenal mountain ranges. For instance, you can take a helicopter ride over the West Maui Mountains, some of the rockiest terrain you’ve ever seen, and then over the emerald green Iao Valley. Or you could fly east to Haleakala National Park and include a visit to the tallest point on the island, the 10,000-ft. summit of Mount Haleakala. Certain daily air tours even offer side trips over Molokai and the Big Island, respectively.

  Maui Sightseeing Tours

Finally, if you’d like to see those mountains, but have a certain degree of trepidation when it comes to flying over them, know that many ground tours cover the same terrain. This is Maui Sightseeing Tourespecially true with respect to Haleakala; many mountain biking and van journeys will take you over the roads that wind around the massive mountain. And, believe it or not, guests and visitors can even get to the top of it for the chance to see the summit caldera, a barren chasm of red volcanic dust.
As you can see, we have a high degree of passion when it comes to exploring this, the second largest island in the archipelago. You know what they say, location, location, location! And now, thanks to us, guests of Maui are armed with all the knowledge you’ll need about Maui, Hawaii excursions to make your next trip the trip of a lifetime!

Posted by: Howard Green