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Maui Hiking Tours

What better way to see Maui, the so-called “Magic Isle,” than with Maui hiking tours? These incredible hikes transport visitors out to an array of natural landmarks located all around the island, to terrains high and low, lush and barren. Led by an experienced guide, you’ll be shuttled out to a trailhead, and then proceed on your own two feet down a trail that’s sure to lead somewhere…well, magical!
Maui Hiking ToursMaui hiking tours to waterfalls are extremely popular and valuable to visitors. On one 11-hour, moderate-difficulty expedition, you’ll depart from central Maui and head east along the famous road to Hana. This magnificent, 52-mile route is full of hairpin turns and scenic ocean vistas, and is one of the most incredible things to do on the island. After arriving in Haleakala National Park, however, you’ll leave the van behind and go for a jaunt through some of its most verdant parts. The length of the entire active journey is approximately four-and-a-half miles, and it offers the chance to navigate the island’s rainforests and bamboo forests. During your time here, you’ll behold waterfalls of varying heights (up to 400 ft.), as well as the sacred Pools of Oheo, which are a series of small, tiered cascades. If that’s not enough, know that on the hiking tours that center around waterfalls, you’ll also have the chance to get into the pools beneath the waterfalls and take a shower under their torrents!
Furthermore,Maui hiking tours are offered in the West Maui Mountains. This three-to-four-mile hike lasts for half a day, and winds between steep canyon walls and through forests of bamboo. You’ll also encounter thickets of apple, guava, kukui, and plum trees, as well! Due to the rocky terrain and a total elevation gain of about 500 ft., this hike is moderate in difficulty. At the end, however, you’ll be rewarded for your labors by taking a plunge in a freshwater pool that’s fed by a 30-ft.-tall waterfall. There’s simply no better way to cool off.
Another popular place where Maui hiking tours travel is to the summit of Mount Haleakala. HaleakalaThere’s nothing quite like taking a four- or five-mile hike around the volcano’s summit caldera. While pacing around the enormous pit, you’ll be left in a state of awe, struck by its vast, red, ash-covered interior. It’s almost like being on another planet! And as you trail at altitudes north of 8,000 ft. above sea level, you’ll have a chance not only to see the things you might expect—namely, cinder cones and hardened lava flows—but also, the rare silversword plant. Including transportation to and from Haleakala, this trip lasts about seven hours. How’s that for a change from the day-to-day!
As we hope you can see, Maui hiking tours are available and incredibly valuable all around the island, and are capable of exposing you to nearly every type of habitat imaginable. On top of that, they’re safe for the environment, and safe on your bank account. So whether you’re into mountains, waterfalls, rainforests, or all three, there are fantastic hikes that can take you where you want to go, no car or highway necessary!

Posted by: Howard Green