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Maui Volcano Tour

Maui Volcano Tour

Maui Haleakala Volcano Tours:

Maui Helicopter Volcano Tour
Take a Maui volcano tour, and you won’t be disappointed. These excursions center around the two volcanoes on the island, namely, the West Maui Mountains to the west, and Mount Haleakala to the east. The latter is three times more massive than the former, not to mention, nearly twice as tall; but both are worthwhile sights.
For that reason, you’ll want to think long and hard about which Maui volcano tour you’re going to take. There are so many of them, and they’re all such high quality, that it’s anything but an easy decision. If you’re trying to choose between various options, let us break down some of the major categories for you.
Two popular ways to see Haleakala are on van and mountain bike rides, respectively. Van tours are excellent because they’re comfortable and convenient, and you won’t have to do anything except enjoy the ride. This type of Maui volcano tour takes you to the top of Haleakala where you can behold, from the Puu Ulaula overlook, the summit caldera of the great volcano. That caldera spans 14 square miles, and at its deepest point, is over 2,500 ft. deep! Afterward, you’ll weave your way down the road in search of smaller volcanic cones, solidified lava flows, and indigenous wildlife.
The second type of Maui volcano tour that we need to mention are mountain biking adventures. These exhilarating expeditions also place you on top of Haleakala, where you’ll weave your path down the side of the mountain for up to 23 miles, depending on the service provider you select. You’ll get to see many of the things mentioned above, and on top of that, get a good yet not excessive workout—after all, the ride is primarily downhill. If that’s not enough, one outstanding variation on this Maui volcano tour is the sunrise ride. These excursions begin with an early morning
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Maui Haleakala Bike Tours:

Maui Helicopter Volcano Tour
(we’re talking 3:30 am!) van ride up to the summit of Haleakala. After exploring on four wheels for a couple hours, and taking in the color explosion that occurs when the sun peaks its head up over the eastern horizon, you’ll head a few miles south on the mountain, and then begin biking down it.
One final Maui volcano tour that definitely can’t be omitted from this list is a ride in the sky! That’s right, on an air tour, you’ll sit comfortably in the cockpit of a helicopter for between one hour and two, and behold the wonders that unravel beneath you. Unlike the choices mentioned earlier, helicopter tours offer more ready access to the West Maui Mountains, which are too rugged for most other transportation methods. On a helicopter ride there, you’ll not only visit the 5,800-ft. summit, but additionally, streak over the famously lush Iao Valley. Certain air tours even go out to the Isle of Molokai! By contrast, helicopter tours of Haleakala offer different, more panoramic points of view on Puu Ulaula and the rest of the accompanying sights. One deluxe Maui volcano tour even goes east from Haleakala, over the Alenuihaha Channel, to the epic Big Island!
In summary, if you plan on coming to Maui, you better plan to take a Maui volcano tour. No vacation is complete without one.