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Moab Activities

Moab Activities

For a complete listing of Moab tours:

Complete Listing of Moab Tours
The number of Moab activities borders on infinity. That’s right, if we were to start listing all the Moab activities you could do the next time you’re on the east side of Utah, it would fill probably a dozen pages—in other words, a lot more than you want to read. For that reason, we thought it best to summarize the assortment of Moab activities under various headings, and to give you just a small taste of what you might expect should you choose each respective option.
Sightseeing tours are really popular in Moab, and there a number of ways to get from point A, to point B, to point C. The main reason they’re so desirable is because of the presence of Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park, plus the often-overlooked Dead Horse Point State Park. Typically, sightseeing excursions involve you riding in a van or motor coach out to the famous sights in each park. For Arches, those sights would be features like Delicate Arch and Landscape Arch, while in Canyonlands, they might be the horizontally banded rock towers or the Druid Arch in the Needles District. You’ll travel most of the way by four wheels, and once you’ve drawn close to your destination, you’ll get out of the vehicle to inspect each formation up close. Sightseeing tours, it’s safe to say, are among the most quintessential Moab activities around.
Other Moab activities are for those on the search for something more…well, active. Such is the case with mountain biking and whitewater rafting tours. Moab is actually one of the most popular biking recreation destinations in the country, thanks to its collection of technical trails that feature loads of exhilarating singletrack and slickrock. Especially famous is the Intrepid Trail System in Dead Horse Point State Park; but tours are offered in many other places, too, such as at the Klondike Bluffs, Bartlett Wash, and Poison Spider Mesa.
Moab River Rafting

Moab Whitewater Rafting :

Complete Listing of Moab Rafting Tours
Meanwhile, whitewater rafting involves passing over a gauntlet of 30-or-so Class III, IV, and V rapids on a section of the Colorado River that’s dubbed “Cataract Canyon.” Here, you’ll most definitely get your heart racing, as the hydraulics are second to none. Rafting tours over Cataract Canyon can last up to five days, since it’s over 100 miles long in total; nevertheless, there are plenty of half- and single-day treks that will give you a nice dose of whitewater without filling up your calendar. If you’re up for the longer rafting tours, beautiful campgrounds abound!
Finally, when it comes to Moab, Utah’s activities, we can’t neglect to mention air tours. Due to the breadth of the land, the only way you can really come close to covering all of Moab is from the seat of an airplane. Flights last from as few as 30 minutes to as many as 120, and expose visitors to the wonders that are strewn across the region. Areas visited on these air tours include the enormous buttes in Monument Valley, the partially submerged canyon known as Lake Powell, and the La Sal Mountains. And, as with most other Moab activities, you’ll probably spend time looking down on Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.
As we said earlier, we could go on and on ad infinitum when describing the countless things to do and see in Moab. But by now, we’re pretty sure you’ve gotten what you came for. So since you’ve hopefully narrowed down the list of Moab activities and tours you might want to take, do a little bit more research on their specifics, and then book them before they sell out!

Posted by: Howard Green