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Moab ATV Tours

Eastern Utah is so full of unique terrains, is it any wonder that Moab ATV tours are common? These adventurous excursions put you in the driver’s seat of a four-wheel-drive vehicle that’s capable of tackling most anything that the backcountry throws at it. The result is that Moab ATV tours are perfect for
Moab ATV Tours

Moab ATV Tours:

Complete Listing of Moab ATV Tours
those who crave high speeds, bumpy riding, extraordinary sightseeing, and the freedom of being in control!
One of the more popular Moab, Utah ATV tours is a two-and-a-half-hour trek over the Monitor & Merrimac Trail. During your time on the remote course, you’ll plunge in and out of dried out creek beds, and kick up pounds of sand, gravel, and dust. Plus, you’re sure to maneuver around some of that famous Moab slickrock, and to have the chance to ride up and down a few sand dunes. Located over 10 miles north of the city, this ATV excursion will put you in touch with Mother Nature, as you marvel at the red rocks and epic monoliths that reach into the heavens.
Longer Moab ATV tours are similarly available. For instance, you can take a four-hour trip along Sevenmile Rim, which is typically reserved for Jeep tours. You’ll proceed along a marked trail to the incredible Uranium Arch, and then continue to the Monitor and Merrimac Buttes, over Wipe Out Hill, and even on to the Determination Towers. The entire loop is roughly 20 miles, and its difficulty level is moderate—perfect for getting your heart rate up and building your skills!
Moab ATV tours through Kane Creek Canyon are pretty spectacular, too. This challenging route features about a thousand feet of elevation gains, and not an insignificant number of water crossings. You’ll get to traverse stretches of sand and rocks alike, and ride along many long ledges where you can break for a breathtaking view or two. Be warned, however, that this trail is more difficult than either the Monitor & Merrimac or Sevenmile Rim options mentioned above.
One final place Moab ATV tours can go are the White Wash Sand Dunes. Although the area is well outside the city limits—about 48 miles to the northwest, to be exact—it’s well worth it. The Moab Off-Roaddunes are gorgeous and are surrounded by red cliffs, cottonwood trees, and other natural features. Off-roading out here, you’ll feel so at peace; apart from your tour company guide and fellow travelers, there’s likely not going to be a soul within several miles. So rip up these dunes to your heart’s content, and don’t worry about getting too dirty—there’s no one around to impress!
Based on everything we’ve written, we’re guessing you’re now itching to sign up for some Moab ATV tours. If you’re on the search for adventure travel, these rides are packed with action, and offer the opportunity to see eastern Utah in a way that most never have. More importantly, unlike Jeep and Hummer rides, Moab ATV tours put you in the driver’s seat, meaning that there’s nothing and no one to hold you back. If that doesn’t have you sold, nothing can.

Posted by: Howard Green