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Moab Bike Tours

Moab Bike Tours

Moab Bike Tours:

Complete Listing of Moab Bike Tours
With some of the greatest sights and most diverse terrains in the country, Moab bike tours deserve their top-notch travel reputation. You can find everything from family-friendly mountain biking, to intense, technical trailheads that will put even the most seasoned riders to the test.
On the more inviting end of the spectrum is a six-hour bike ride on Courthouse Loop in Arches National Park. You’ll ride atop a largely obstacle-free bluff, and as you do, you’ll get spectacular views of the park’s “Windows” section. In addition, this tour adventure gives you just a taste of singletrack and slickrock so that you can get a little experience before attempting more challenging trails.
Other Moab bike tours are similar. There’s a sunrise ride that takes place in Canyonlands National Park, and gives you the chance to see the sun’s first beams as they dramatically pour over the surrounding red rock. During this adventure, you’ll cover several miles of largely downhill yet non-technical terrain, for a total elevation loss of 3,000 ft.

Moab bike tours on the world-famous Intrepid Trail are outstanding, too. Riding around Dead Horse Point State Park, you’ll get many miles of singletrack and ride at over a mile above sea level. There are a few mildly technical sections on this course, but the elevation gains and losses are minimal, meaning that this ride is appropriate even for intermediate level bikers. Another moderately difficult ride takes place at the Klondike Bluffs in Arches National Park. Moab bike tours to this area offer the slickrock for which the region’s become so famous, with plenty of gently rolling hills. There are outstanding views, as well, including dinosaur tracks nearby, and the arches of the Devil’s Garden in the distance.

Mountain Biking Moab's Slickrock Trail

Moab Sunrise Mountain Bike Ride

Mountain Bike Ride
Moab bike tours offer opportunities to tackle advanced and expert level trails, as well. You can speed off along the Amasa Back Trail, which winds from Kane Creek Road, to Hurrah Pass, Jackson Hole, and Jacob’s Ladder, and back, in what amounts to a 25-mile loop. The surfaces are highly variable here, with everything from sand and loose rock to slickrock, including the craggy portage at Jacob’s Ladder. Even more difficult yet is the Hells Revenge Trail, which includes a brutal climb up to Porcupine Rim over terrain that’s generally reserved for off-roading on a 4WD vehicle.
If these single-day Moab bike tours aren’t enough, know that there are two-, three-, four-, and five-day choices, as well. One popular three-day selection tackles the Klondike Bluffs, the Sovereign Trail, and Courthouse Pasture on successive days, for 25-to-50+ miles of total track covered, depending on your preferences. That’s at least five hours of mountain biking per day for three straight days! Meanwhile, those looking for a classic slickrock experience can speed off for five days over the Klondike Bluffs, Poison Spider Mesa, the Camel, Bartlett Wash, and the Moab Slickrock Bike Trail.
Don’t be too worried if you don’t know what you’re doing. One of the great aspects of Moab biking toursis the fact that you’re led by expert-level guides who know the trails like the backs of their hands. They’re sensitive to your level of experience, and won’t get you into a situation with which you’re not comfortable. By and large, all Moab bike trips can be customized to one extent or another in order to accommodate your skill and fitness levels, as well as the landmarks you want to see.
If you thought choosing a mountain biking trip in Moab was going to be easy, your mind’s probably swirling by this point. Even in the words we’ve written, you can tell that there’s quite a variety of choices, each of which presents a unique challenge. Our advice? Don’t overthink it. You’re going to have an outstanding time on your Moab bike tours adventure no matter where you travel, so just go with your gut and search out some fun!

Posted by: Howard Green