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Moab Tours

For a complete listing of Moab tours:

Complete Listing of Moab Tours
Of all the things you could do in the great State of Utah, nothing could be better than taking a few Moab tours. This magnificent city on the eastern side of the state is renowned for its natural beauty and adventure…and understandably so. After all, Moab is home to Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Dead Horse State Park. All this is to say that, if you decide to go on some Moab tours, be prepared to set your sights upon some mind-bogglingly incredible stuff.
There are many different kinds of Moab tours you can take, but one of the best is an aerial excursion. On board an airplane or a helicopter, you’ll be riding high across the skies and out to a number of incredible natural landmarks. That means up close looks at the La Sal Mountains, the Fiery Furnace and Devil’s Garden sections of Arches, and even Lake Powell at the southernmost reaches of Canyonlands, among many others—and all without the time commitment or physical labor that would attend a motor coach or hiking or bike trip, respectively. The panoramic mountain views on these Moab tours are nothing short of remarkable.
That’s not to say hiking or driving a road through the national parks is a bad thing. Far from it. But it’s a question of which Moab toursbest fit within your schedule and fitness level. What we mean is that if you have the time and the energy, we’d highly encourage both hiking and driving through Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. There are few things as spectacular as seeing Canyonlands’ Needles District from on your own two feet, or looking off the edge of the Island in the Sky down to the rocks and river over a thousand feet below. For that matter, it’s pretty cool to hike a trail to Delicate Arch, Balanced Rock, and other legendary rock formations throughout Arches. Note, too, that hikes in Arches National Park are shorter than those in Canyonlands.
Moab National Park Tours

Moab National Park Tours:

Moab National Park Tours
At the same time, if you want the close-up viewing that attends a trail hike without the non-stop walking that’s required, then a motor coach ride is a nice middle road. A van will transport you most of the way to various landmarks, and only after you’re a manageable distance from them will you get out and start walking. This combination of comfort and mild exertion makes these Moab tours really popular, especially among families with children.
Finally, for something completely different, consider touring Moab on a raft. Due to the town’s proximity to the Colorado River, you can go floating or whitewater rafting. Doing so gives you the chance to see large stretches of Canyonlands National Park from a unique watertop vantage point. Plus, for those who are really adventurous, few runs in the country are better than the one you’ll find in Cataract Canyon. This ride, which can be done partially in as little as a half-day, or entirely in four or five, traverses about 100 miles and nearly 30 Class III, IV, and V rapids! For those longer excursions, plenty of campsite options and campgrounds fun available for the whole family can be included.
As you may have concluded by now, Moab tours are anything but one-size-fits-all. In reality, when you account for the various things you can see, the numerous transportation methods, and their highly variable durations, these getaways are extremely diverse and, some would say, customized for the individual traveler. So come see what you want to see. There are very likely Moab tours to meet your needs regardless of where, when, or how you’d like to travel.

Posted by: Howard Green