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Mountain Biking Oahu

Sure, you can surf, snorkel and scuba dive in Hawaii, but you don’t get as wet when you’re mountain biking Oahu. Water sports are great on the Hawaiian Island called “the meeting place.” Oahu also has fantastic biking opportunities that let you take in the scenic wonder of the plants and animals of the Aloha State.
Such flora and fauna enjoyment is possible on the Oahu 3 Hour Bike Adventure Tour. A comfortable van ride takes you near the top of Puu Ohia, a 3,389-foot mountain. From there you coast five miles on a paved road through the Puu Ohia rain forest. There are birds singing from the depths of the forest. Lush and green vegetation sweeps by as you glide down the Hawaiian mountain on this mountain biking Oahu exploration. Panoramic vistas provide excellent stopping points, such as one overlooking Manoa Valley. Kona mountain bikes, Bell helmets and rain gear (if needed), along with round-trip transportation to and from your hotel are included in this tour.
You experience both hiking and bicycling on the Oahu Rainforest and Volcanic Hike and Bike Adventure. Walking starts off this mountain biking Oahu quest with a two-mile hike into the Manoa Valley rain forest. The crowds are left behind in this private acreage, along with the heat. The average temperature of this rain forest is 80°F. A dramatic 200-foot waterfall is at the end of this hiking trail. After the hike, you enjoy coasting down the five-mile paved road through the Puu Ohia rain forest. You get a professional guide, bottled water, snacks and transportation included on this tour.
The Oahu Half Day Hike and Bike Adventure gives you a first-hand glimpse of a Hawaiian rain forest. The initial 2.5-mile hike takes you across streams and by tranquil water pools over volcanic ground that produces intensely green tropical plants and trees. There’s a chance you’ll see koa, hala, guava and banyan trees while on this hike. Large tropical ferns grow in these woods. Bird varieties include the amakihi, the apapane, possessing a bright crimson color, and the red-vented bulbul. A professional guide points out fauna and flora during your hike. Following the hike, you’ll take a KHS cruiser bike and don a Bell helmet for coasting time down the paved Puu Ohia rain forest road. You get a deli lunch, beverages, bicycle, helmet, rain gear, a hip pack and mosquito repellant included on this mountain biking Oahu quest. Only those with a fitness level that’s above average should take in this tour. You also need dependable shoes containing a solid grip.
Follow a path used by mountain bike races, such as the Hawaiian Mountain Tour Pro/Am and the 24Hours of Hell Mountain Bike Race when you take the Oahu Kaaawa Valley Mountain Biking 6.5 hour trip. This valley on the eastern coast of Oahu is probably the most filmed location of the island. Movies, such as “Jurassic Park,” “Godzilla” and “Tears of the Sun,” along with the television shows of “Magnum P.I,” “LOST” and “Hawaii Five-O” all had footage from this area. You’ll take your Kona bike over off-road trails. There’s a visit to the village of Kauhale and a stop at some World War II bunkers. There are several trails to pick from with single track, double track and some picturesque dirt roads on this mountain biking Oahu journey. A deli-style lunch is included on this tour, along with snacks, helmets and a pro biking guide.
You can take in some fabulous ecology of the rain forest that includes mountain biking Oahu, snorkeling with fish and enjoying a smooth catamaran boat ride on the Oahu Eco-Adventure from the Rainforest to the Reef tour. The start of this undertaking involves a two-mile hike into a private rain forest. This isolated property shows off the splendor of thriving tropical plants and trees that are filled with animals and birds. Flowing water runs down streams that you traverse on this hike. Boots and a poncho keep you dry. A gorgeous 200-foot waterfall tumbles down a cliff at the end of the trail. Once the hiking is over, you’re whisked toward the Puu Ohia mountain top, where you follow five miles of a paved road for the mountain biking Oahu portion of your tour. You’ll cool off quickly as you coast down the 3,389-foot high mountain. Partway down the mountain at a picturesque wayside, enjoy the view while eating a deli-style lunch. Once the bicycle wheels stop turning, you’re off across the blue Pacific Ocean waters on a catamaran for snorkeling fun amongst Spinner dolphins and coral reef fish.
There are a multitude of experiences waiting for you on your Hawaiian vacation. Partaking in the several mountain biking Oahu exploits give you an up-close and personal visit to this magnificent tropical paradise in the beautiful State of Hawaii.

Posted by:  Emmy Kuehn for Tourplicity.