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Phoenix Activities

On your visit to the “urban heart” and capital of the Grand Canyon State, remember that the Phoenix activities available to you don’t stop at mere tours of the city (of course, they exist, too). Surrounded by the Sonoran Desert and just 225 miles south of the Grand Canyon, there are enough Phoenix tours with variety and outdoor fun to add spark to your vacation and memories that last a lifetime.

The desert is great to view, with its unique flora, peculiar wildlife and picturesque vistas. But, the dry air provides a perfect opportunity for some nighttime Phoenix activities, such as a Star Gazing Tour from Phoenix. From the open desert, you witness amazing images through a powerful telescope of galaxies, stars and planets that are light years away. You see, once you’re away from the light pollution caused by city lights, the star-filled sky puts on an amazing display.
For three and a half hours, you can not only see the largest planet of our solar system, Jupiter, but you’ll be able to pick out some of its moons. Speaking of moons, swing the telescope toward Saturn and you’ll behold its amazing rings and several of Saturn’s 62 moons. There’s galaxies, comets, moon craters and novas to seek in the night sky. It’s an intergalactic adventure from the many Phoenix activities that you’re sure to enjoy.

See Phoenix from the air...
If you’re more of a morning person than a night owl, be sure to take in the Hot Air Balloon Ride for a dazzling view of sunrise over the Sonoran Desert sands. There’s no sudden bounce or nauseating empty-weight feeling with this form of flight. You get to gaze at the filling of the huge cloth balloon with hot air that gently lifts you to as much as 400 feet above the desert floor. 
A slow drift of five to six miles per hour glides you over coyotes and cacti that can be seen below.
There’s no need to worry about breakfast with this comfortable choice in Phoenix activities, because after descending from your hot air balloon flight, there’s a gourmet meal that awaits you, complete with fresh fruit, cheese, chocolate-filled croissants and quiche lorraine. You’ll even get to toast your amazing balloon voyage with champagne.

Get a glimpse into the history of the Wild West!!
The history of the Wild West has a huge significance to the beginnings of Arizona and a great deal of the travel available through several Phoenix tours reflects that heritage. On the Apache Trail & Canyon Lake Steamboat Cruise, you venture east of Phoenix to the pretty Superstition Mountains, where you get to visit Goldfield, a ghost town of the 1800s filled with general stores and saloons. Reenactments of a bygone era when the six-gun was king are staged in Goldfield. This tour ends with a narrated 90-minute tour aboard a steamboat on Canyon Lake for fantastic images that are sure to fill your camera with fond memories of fun-filled Phoenix activities.

Since you’re in Arizona, you definitely can’t miss the main feature it’s famous for, the Grand Canyon. This prominent Arizona feature is considered one of the Phoenix attractions that’s sure to please. And, visiting the gorge considered to be one of the seven natural wonders of the world doesn’t require huge amounts of your time. For as little as three hours, you can take the Grand Canyon Air Tour that provides you with roundtrip air transportation between Phoenix and the Grand Canyon, along with a 20-minute flight over the mile-deep chasm for fantastic images of this geological feature that’s thought to be several million years old.

The Grand Canyon is a must see if you're in Phoenix!! 
Add some excitement to your Grand Canyon exploits with one of the Phoenix activities that involves traveling by airplane, helicopter, boat and an exhilarating walk over glass that’s erected 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon floor. Yes, on the West Rim, you stroll onto the Skywalk and peer through glass at the valley just over three-quarters of a mile below. Lunch, water and all U.S. National Park fees are included in this seven-hour Grand Canyon West Adventure Tour.

The list for amazing Phoenix activities is endless, like Jeep and ATV tours, a desert shooting experience, off-road desert adventures, mountain bike tours, kayaking, desert Hummer tours, jet ski rental, Jeep tours, or a desert night vision tour. There’s plenty of fun and excitement with these Phoenix attractions.