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Planning a Trip to Yellowstone?

When you’re planning a trip to Yellowstone National Park, you might as well take in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Grand Teton National Park. The reason for this is two-fold. If you’re flying, the nearest airport to Yellowstone is the Jackson Hole Airport. Plus, views of the Teton Mountains are out of this world. So, you get first-class accommodations in a Jackson Hole hotel and get to see the first national park established in the U.S. at Yellowstone.

An excellent excursion to include while you’re planning a trip to Yellowstone is the Sunrise in Grand Teton National Park. This four-hour tour is guided by an expert biologist who fills you in on the plants and animals in the Tetons. Black bear, grizzlies, moose, bison, elk and mule deer are just some of the inhabitants. Other possibilities include pronghorn, bighorn sheep, coyote, gray wolf, red fox, mountain lion, Canada lynx and bobcat. Birds include the Greater Sage Grouse, Barrow’s Goldeneye duck, Great Gray Owl, American Dipper, Clark’s Nutcracker, Western Tanager, osprey and Bald Eagle, just to name a few. Transportation on this morning quest is a vehicle with a retractable roof and sliding windows. Binoculars and a spotting scope are passed around for distance views of animals, plants and mountain sides.

In the 4 Hour Wildlife Photo Safari, you’ll see the National Elk Refuge that borders the town of Jackson, Wyoming. This 25,000-acre haven for elk, operated by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, is a must-see when you’re planning a trip to Yellowstone. Not only are elk in this preserve, but a bison herd of 1,000 animals lives here. Besides great animal viewing, you’ll get some stellar photography possibilities of the picturesque Grand Teton Mountains. A specialized guide will make a determination on the day of your tour exactly what route you’ll take, based upon animal migration patterns and your group’s main interests.

An active manner of participation is possible when you’re planning a trip to Yellowstone by including the Jackson Hole Whitewater Rafting adventure. Set on the Snake River, you become a party of eight voyagers who commit to eight miles of whitewater rapids. There are Class II and Class III rapids here with names such as Lunch Counter, the Double Draw, Champagne and the Big Kahuna. The beautiful, snow-capped Teton mountains show off their grandeur and you might see moose, elk, river otters and beaver along this portion of the Snake River. Included in this 4-hour tour is a rafting guide, paddles, a life jacket and a splash jacket, along with transportation to and from the Snake River.
The beauty about this part of the Rocky Mountains is that you can visit it year-round and winter is an excellent time to consider when you’re planning a trip to Yellowstone. You can live the life of a bygone fur trapper when you Explore Jackson Hole by Snowshoe. On this 4-hour tour, you get to strap on a pair of snowshoes or cross-country skis and check out the nearby winter wonderland. A guide takes you over the snow at Grand Teton National Park to take in scenic panoramas, wintertime animals and birds, along with some fantastic exercise. A fanny pack provided on this tour comes in handy for carrying the camera that you’ll need to capture the beautiful wintertime scenery. Also included on this tour is transportation, snow shoes, snacks and binoculars. The cross-country ski option requires a ski equipment rental. 
Of course, there’s an on-time geothermal geyser that you must include when planning a trip to Yellowstone, which makes the Old Faithful Yellowstone National Park Adventure a perfect selection. An early 6 a.m. start is needed in order to drive through the south entrance of Yellowstone National Park to Old Faithful. This cone geyser shoots steam and water as much as 185 feet into the air every 91 minutes. Lunch is served at the Old Faithful Inn, which features an immense log lobby with an 85-foot and 500-ton stone fireplace, something that’s worth including when you’re planning a trip to Yellowstone. Built in 1903-04, this is one of the few log hotels that still exists in the U.S. Wildlife might include elk and bison, regular local inhabitants of Yellowstone. At West Thumb Geyser Basin, next to Yellowstone Lake, you can take in Occasional Geyser, Twin Geysers, the dark green color of Abyss Pool, the dark water color of Black Pool, or the unique fishing story at the Fishing Cone.

Abundant wildlife, amazing mountain peaks spotted with snow, along with geothermal wonders that you’ve never experienced before are all possible with the many tours available to you while planning a trip to Yellowstone National Park. The only problem you might have is allotting enough time to participate in all of these fun activities.