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Scuba Oahu

When in Alaska, you view glaciers and when you’re in Hawaii, you scuba Oahu. Scuba diving is a major activity in the Aloha State, and it’s an even bigger deal on the Island of Oahu. You say you haven’t spent a single second scuba diving? Well, that’s just fine, because even if you’re a beginner, you can get a chance to discover the lure of the underwater world with scuba lessons.
Take the Beginner Scuba Diving in Oahu lessons and you get seven hours of time that can be used toward a Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) certification. Better yet, you get to visit marine animals that live under the Pacific Ocean’s surface with this scuba Oahu adventure. All of the scuba gear needed for a sea dive is provided with this tour, along with the assistance from a PADI diving instructor.
The first half of this event is on dry land going over diving basics and diving safety. Then, in the afternoon, you and your instructor take two dives that go no deeper than 40 feet. The exact location of your dives is determined by the captain of the boat and your dive crew based on conditions on the day of your dives. Most are around ship wrecks off the south and west shores of Oahu. It’s in this unique underwater world that you’ll discover why so many divers love to scuba Oahu. With amazing fish, sea turtles and marine animals to see, you’ll be amazed you haven't partaken of this activity before now.
If you have scuba diving experience, the Oahu Deep Sea Dive is your ticket to fun. On this seven-hour excursion, you drop to anywhere from 80 to 100 feet deep on a two-tank dive. Then, you get a second dive of 30 to 60 feet. Sunken ships are the quarry you’re seeking on these dives. You must show recent documented deep scuba diving experience in order to qualify to participate in this advanced deep sea dive. Dive gear is not included in this tour. It can be rented, or if you own gear, you’re welcome to use it. Certified divers are encouraged to bring their card and logbook. It’s also suggested that you schedule a wait time of at least 18 hours after your last dive before you board an airplane for a flight back home.
Both professionals and beginners can enjoy the 2 Tank Boat Dive in Oahu. You get a boat ride off the shores of Honolulu on this scuba Oahu event for seven hours of dives in water that’s 30-40 feet deep. Diving tips are provided by a professional diving team in waters that reveal spectacular images, such as dolphins or huge sea turtles. Included in this tour are pick-ups and drop-offs at Waikiki hotels, along with passage to and from the boat harbor. Enjoy snacks and beverages onboard the boat. Non-diving friends or family members can also enjoy the boat ride. Either bring your own scuba gear or rent it.
For scuba Oahu experience that you won’t soon forget, try the Oahu Shark Diving on Luxury Charter Boat undertaking. Two dives are included from this boat of comfort that’s over 60 feet long and one dive is into a special and secret shark dive setting. Nitrox qualification is required in order to participate in this six-hour tour.
Depths up to 130 feet are possible
on this thrilling expedition. Varieties seen on this trip include the hammer head and the sandbar sharks. Professional diving guides are included on this tour, along with a gourmet lunch and scuba equipment rental.
For fun that can include the whole family, try the Oahu Sail, Snorkel and Snuba Tour. Probably the best feature about this four-hour event is you don’t need an ounce of diving experience to participate. That’s because instead of using scuba gear, which requires lessons and a certification to use air tanks that are strapped to your back, snuba diving uses snorkeling gear and air supplied by long hoses connected to tanks on a raft floating on the ocean’s surface. You get to swim with tropical fish, turtles and dolphins after enjoying a catamaran ride north on Oahu’s west coast. Or, if you wish, you can let others participate in their scuba Oahu fun while you sunbathe. A nice Hawaiian buffet is served at the second diving site. You also get snorkeling gear and instruction.
From the consummate professional to the novice, everyone has a blast on the scuba Oahu adventures outlined above. The enchanting aquatic sea world off Oahu’s coasts is definitely worth your time.