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Sedona Wine Tours

Some fine red, white and even desert wines can be tasted and combined with helicopter or kayaking adventures in the Sedona wine tours that are available in this northern Arizona vacationland. Nestled along the peaceful Verde River are a number of wineries complete with winetasting rooms. When you add the beautiful scenery of cottonwood trees, bald eagles, blue herons and hawks along a winding river, you get a fantastic vacation experience that’s second-to-none.
Take a two-hour kayak float down the Verde River. There’s no better way to unwind, yet go through a bit of adventure while shooting about 12 minor rapids of this river. There’s nothing to worry about. The Verde River is a relatively mild body of water that’s really more of a large creek, than a river. Plus, expert guides put all participants through a pre-trip course, so you know just what to expect on your float.
After about an hour and a half on the water, you’re back on dry land at the confluence of the Verde River and Oak Creek at the Tuscan-style farmhouse of the Alcantara Vineyards and Winery. Up to 19,000 vines grow on 87 acres of this vineyard, where all of the product is cultivated, harvested, fermented, produced and bottled right on the premises. You get credits to check out some glasses of wine and you can pick up your own bottles of white, red, light, or full-bodied versions found in this particular choice of the Sedona wine tours. There’s time to tour the grounds, check out the small chapel or visit the river. After a second hour and a half at the vinery, you’re transported back to Sedona.
If three hours doesn’t seem like enough time, you’ll want to take in the Grand Kayak Water to Wine Adventure that is six hours long. This fully guided tour includes all of the necessary kayaking gear, a safety session, lunch, snacks, refreshments and a wine tasting experience. From a morning start, you paddle for three hours along the Verde River and experience places such as Treasure Island, Rocky Drop and the Clear Creek Rapid. Between the relaxing floats, there are quick-paced times with a little bit of whitewater to keep you on your toes.
Then, you’ll pull up to the Javelina Leap Vineyard & Winery in Page Springs, Arizona on this pick of the Sedona wine tours. While sitting in a mesquite grove, yo