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Snake River Rafting

You receive an adventure that soothes your soul when you participate in some Snake River rafting during your stay in Jackson, Wyoming. Wildlife is easy to sneak up to on a quiet rubber raft. Plus, the Snake River winds through country where the background is filled with the majestic Teton Range of the Rocky Mountains.
Whitewater rapids add a jolt to your life.
Combine camping with Snake River rafting with the 16-Mile Scenic Whitewater Overnight Adventure. A 3 p.m. start allows for a leisurely float down the Snake River to your campsite. You get some leisure time to settle into your tent cabin. Supper is on, when you get to enjoy a steak and some s’mores around the campfire. After a healthy sleep, you’re up for breakfast before taking on some whitewater rafting through Class II and Class III rapids on what’s called the Grand Canyon of the Snake River, 25 miles south of Jackson, Wyoming.
If viewing animals is of interest to you, the Wildlife Combination Tour – Photo Safari & River Ride is perfect. On this nine-hour Snake River rafting excursion, you take the first four hours to travel deep into the Grand Teton National Park to look for bison, pronghorn antelope, elk, moose, deer, bear, wolves and coyotes. A top-rated guide assists you in your wildlife search. Then, you’ll cool down by rafting down the Snake River. Either select the leisurely 13-mile scenic float, or take on eight miles of Snake River rapids.
A more relaxing version of Snake River rafting is the Snake River Scenic Float with Evening Cookout that takes in an easy-going 14-mile float, followed by a barbecue dinner. A guide takes you on this venture, where you’ll see the amazing Gros Ventre and Teton Mountain Ranges, along with abundant wildlife along the riverbank. Dutch ovens are used to generate the outdoor cookout with extreme flavor at the end of this five-hour tour.
If you’re into excitement, you’ll get it with the Snake River Whitewater Rafting trip that puts you through the Lunch Counter and Big Kahuna rapids, considered to be of intermediate difficulty for whitewater encounters. It takes four hours to shoot these eight miles of rapids. A whitewater guide ensures that you’re safe and the bouncing water of the Snake River makes sure your adrenaline is pumping. 
On the 8 Man Rafting on the Snake River voyage, you get additional action, since you’re sitting in an nimble rubber raft that carries only eight passengers. The Class II and Class III rapids you encounter are not considered hard, but you’re sure to get wet and have a whitewater ride of your life during this four-hour tour. Another eight-person option is the Jackson Hole Whitewater Rafting tour that covers eight miles of whitewater action.
Check out wonderful scenery and the local residents, such as bear, river otters or Bald Eagles, while taking in some great whitewater with a name like Gauging Straights on the 8 Mile River Rafting Adventure, another feature of Snake River rafting. This three-hour version of whitewater madness puts some excitement into your vacation.
The Jackson Hole 13 Mile Scenic Float Adventure gives you less splash and more scenery. From the Snake River, you can view the snow-covered Grand Teton Mountain, perched at an elevation of 13,775 feet and the highest mountain peak in Wyoming. During your three-hour leisurely float, there’s a possibility of seeing wildlife, such as deer, moose, elk, or even a river otter. A similar option is the Scenic Float Down the Snake River tour, where children come away with a Junior Guide patch.
For a unique experience, capture the early start of the day in the Snake River First Light Float. This Snake River rafting experience starts with breakfast, followed by seven miles of an easy-going float. Hear the morning melodies of birds singing from the shoreline. Watch wildlife grab some morning drinks of water. If a morning start is too early, you’d enjoy the same waters in the Snake River Float with Lunch.
From adrenaline-filled whitewater rafting to slow-flowing floats, there’s some Snake River rafting to match just about any time slot you have on your Jackson Hole vacation. Filled with tremendous Rocky Mountain scenery and amazing wildlife, this is one river excursion that you’re sure to remember. 

Posted by: Howard Green