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Snorkel Tours Maui

Snorkel Tours Maui

For a complete listing of Maui snorkel tours:

Complete Listing of Snorkeling Tours
Snorkel tours Maui will expose you to an underwater world of movement, color, and diversity. No car required! A beach resort is great and all, but beneath the waves of the Pacific Ocean, you’ll see everything from expansive coral reef and rock formations, to wildly patterned and strangely shaped fish, crustaceans, and other sea life. While some of that may be truer on some snorkel tours Maui than others, we’d venture to say that nobody can come away disappointed from one of these off beach adventures. One of the best things about snorkeling is it’s a beginners friendly sport, and rentals come with the experience.
When you’re thinking about snorkeling in Maui, the first place your thoughts should go is the sunken volcanic crater, the Island of Molokini. Located just 15 minutes off the southwestern coast of Maui, it is a snorkeler’s paradise, being characterized by clear water and countless fish. Among the animals you could see are butterflyfish, parrotfish, tang, trevally, triggerfish, and countless others. On top of that, between the ride from Maui to Molokini and the snorkeling itself, you could spot moray eels, dolphins, and Hawaiian green sea turtles!
Speaking of turtles, if those are what you’re really after, you may want to consider the experience of Turtle Town snorkel tours Maui. On this stretch of water off the southern coast of Makena, you’ll get to swim right next to these majestic and endangered reptiles, which locals call honu. Here, you can watch as gold ring surgeonfish and yellow tangs make their way onto the turtles’ shells just to eat the algae that grows on them. And you thought humans were the only life forms that liked regular cleanings!
Beyond Turtle Town, snorkel tours Maui often travel further off beach to Coral Gardens and Fantasy Reef (also known as Olowalu), which are both characterized by lava formations and, predictably, coral. Types of coral in the area include cauliflower coral and finger coral. Large jacks often swim into these waters where small fish come to seek refuge with varying degrees of success; while goatfish and squirrelfish can constantly be seen darting every which way in seemingly choreographed motion. Similarly, you can check out the octopi, sea urchins, crabs, and shrimp that meander over the rocks and coral in what amounts to an amazingly complex ecosystem.

Snorkel in Maui

Lanai Landing Dolphin and Snorkel Adventure

Experience the peace and tranquility of Lanai Island, and spot the playful dolphins just off its coast. On this cruise, you’ll make your way 45-minutes off of Maui to Lanai, where you’ll enjoy over an hour of snorkeling, swimming, water sliding, sunbathing, and lounging.

Snorkel Cruise
Finally, snorkel tours Maui are incomplete until you’ve left the car behind and taken a humpback whale snorkeling cruise. During these combination-type excursions, you’ll not only see much of what we’ve already mentioned underwater, but be able to check out some of the largest marine mammals in the world, as well! While you won’t actually snorkel next to humpbacks (you probably wouldn’t want to, either; these creatures can grow to up to 45 ft. long and up to 40 tons, making them unavoidably dangerous), you’ll still get to behold them for long stretches of time, adding a twist that’s sometimes lacking in ore traditional snorkel tours Maui.
Based on what we’re written, we’re guessing that you’re now chomping at the bit to go snorkeling in the waters of Maui. We can’t blame you, either—few other vacation locations in the world can boast such crystal clear waters, such elaborate coral reefs, and such aquatic diversity. So as you begin scheduling things to do on Maui and your itinerary begins to fill up, make sure you double check to ensure that snorkel tours Maui are on there!

Posted by: Howard Green