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Snorkeling in Kona

Since salt water exists on the edge of the Hawaiian community that you’ll be visiting, it only makes sense to try some snorkeling in Kona on your vacation to the Island of Hawaii. And, these snorkeling adventures can be combined with Zodiac or sailing trips, barbecues and even nighttime dives. When you’re itching to get into the water, these scuba and snorkeling tours are for you.
When you enjoy the Snorkel or Scuba with Hawaii’s Manta Rays night dive, you’re sure to come away with an experience to be remembered for a lifetime. An evening boat ride takes you off the Kona coast to choice locations where huge manta rays feed on plankton. These rays live in a 90 square mile area of the ocean about 30 miles in length and up to three miles off shore. Young manta rays span three feet. Mature males are 11 feet wide, females are up to 16 feet wide and record manta rays reach 25 feet wide. After a spectacular boat ride, you don either snorkel gear or scuba gear, and