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Snorkeling in the Big Island

When watersports and specifically the activity of snorkeling sounds like a fun adventure, you need to consider all of the snorkeling in the Big Island tours that are recommended here. These snorkel opportunities can be tied to mini cruises and even nighttime swims with manta rays. With several prospects for some hot snorkeling adventures available, you’re sure to have a great time under the sea on the Big Island.
Behold the amazing spectacle of the Swim With Manta Rays: Night Time Kayak & Snorkel.  Eating up only an hour and a half of your time with this snorkeling in the Big Island activity, you start at the Keauhou Boat Ramp where you set off in a kayak with a local guide into Keauhou Bay. Manta rays come in to feed on the influx of plankton attracted to powerful diving lights. Then it’s 45 minutes of snorkeling time to catch these amazing creatures at work. Included in this tour are expert guides, a kayak, snorkeling equipment, safety equipment and a safety lesson.
You get the choice of snorkeling or scuba diving when you take in the Snorkel or Scuba with Hawaii’s Manta Rays tour. A five-minute boat ride off the Kona coast is included in this snorkeling in the Big Island adventure. In temperate nighttime waters, dive lights bring in plankton that the big creatures swim through and feed on. These giants, which are up to 15 feet wide, make graceful arches through the water. Included in this is gear for either snorkeling or scuba diving, wet suits and personal guides.
An afternoon catamaran cruise into Kealakekua Bay gives you several overpowering sights of underwater glory in the Kona Snorkel and Sail tour that lasts three and a half hours. Besides being able to jump off elevated platforms and glide down a 15-foot water slide, there is 90 minutes of free time to take in the marine life in these waters on this snorkeling in the Big Island trip. Complimentary snacks are provided on this tour, along with snorkel instruction and equipment, underwater view boxes and floatation devices.
When volcanic rock combines with the pulverizing action of the Pacific Ocean, it is ground to bits of black sand. On the Deluxe Black-Sand Snorkel Cruise, you start from the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort for a three and half hour cruise that includes excellent snorkeling opportunities. Enjoy a continental breakfast and a deli-style lunch while sailing on a 65-foot catamaran. Yes, real sails are used. Marine naturalists give you an on-board snorkeling lesson and then lead you for a snorkel adventure over the black sands unique to the Big Island. Snorkel gear, meals and unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are included on this tour.
If you’re sitting in the crowds of Honolulu, escape to the tranquil waves of Keahou Bay on the Island of Hawaii for a 4 Hour Snorkel, Kayak & Cave Tour. A kayak lesson puts you at ease on how to maneuver a single or tandem kayak over the peaceful Big Island waters on this snorkeling in the Big Island trip. Paddling south along the west shoreline of the Big Island to Kuamoo Bay, there’s a chance of viewing rays, sea turtles and local spinner dolphins. Kayaks are an excellent way to check out the sea caves of Kuamoo Bay. Other landmarks to explore include blowholes, lava tubes and coral gardens. Put on the snorkeling gear for a look underwater, where you might glance at eels, yellow tangs, or parrot fish. Your fully-guided tour includes snacks and refreshments.
Snorkeling is a wet water activity, so it’s only natural that getting to your snorkel location might be wet, too. Such is the case with the 4 Hour Zodiac, Snorkel & Dolphin Adventure. That’s because there’s a chance for water splashing over the side of the 24-foot Zodiac rubber rafts that are used to tour you over the waters of Kealakekua Bay. The captain of your twin outboard-driven raft doubles as a tour guide who explains the geology of the bay, along with the marine animals that you encounter on this selection of snorkeling in the Big Island. Breaks on this journey include pineapple, fresh fruit, soft drinks and snacks. The Sail, Snorkel & BBQ from Kona takes in the same Kealakekua Bay waters, but with a larger vessel. You can enjoy waterslides and diving platforms off this boat, a breakfast and barbequed cheese or garden burgers.
On the Turtle, Kayak & Snorkel Adventure, you paddle a kayak south along the Big Island’s west coastline to the Puuhonua o Honaunau National Park, where a distinctive history lesson on the religion and life of early Hawaiians awaits you. Some additional kayak paddling lets you check out a lava tube cave. You return to Honaunau Bay, where your kayaking began for some snorkeling fun. Lunch and all the gear required for snorkeling in the Big Island comes with this tour.
Experience the seaworthiness and agility of a 16-passenger Zodiac raft in the 5 Hour Sea Life Snorkel Experience.  From Kona, you travel south to Kealakekua Bay where an hour and a half is handed you in this snorkeling in the Big Island adventure to check out the many fish, turtles and rays around the coral. A brief hike takes you to the Captain Cook Monument, followed by a light lunch. After lunch, you’ll ride in your 24-foot Zodiac back to Honokohau Marina.
Kealakekua Bay is the site of the Kayak, Snorkel & Dolphins: Captain Cook National Monument Adventure. From Napoopoo Landing, you paddle a single or tandem kayak to Kaawaloa Point, where you can take in the Captain James Cook Monument, honoring the first European visitor to what he named the Sandwich Islands. Eat, hike, or take a peek under the water on this snorkeling in the Big Island trip.
With 266 miles of coastline, the Island of Hawaii provides the best spots to snorkel. Plus, with these snorkeling in the Big Island options, you’re going to be in vacation bliss.

Posted by: Emmy Kuehn for Tourplicity