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The Grand Canyon: One Of The Truly Great National Wonders

 Grand Canyon National Park

There are a variety of national wonders located in the United States, but even among the most impressive and wondrous of them all, it is difficult to top what The Grand Canyon in Arizona brings to the table! A truly magnificent and unique wonder created from millions of years of geology, geography, and environmental factors, many people are amazed at just how many interesting and amazing things there are to experience at the Grand Canyon National Park.

Grand Canyon Overview

Located in Grand Canyon National Park, the Grand Canyon is a vast collection of canyons carved out of the layered bands of red desert rock by the mighty Colorado River. The canyons in north central Arizona are renowned for the layered rocks that reveal millions of years of geology while creating amazing natural beauty. There are many popular tours, campsites, and viewpoints that create perfect pictures and even better memories.

 Grand Canyon Day Tour

Grand Canyon History

Today the Grand Canyon gets over 5 million visitors a year but that wasn't always the case. The canyon was carved out from river erosion over millions of years, and while many people are familiar with this they are surprised to learn that there are many incredible archaeological discoveries that have been made throughout the canyon and the valleys.

 Grand Canyon Arizona

Artifacts that are an astounding 12,000 years old have been found that are from the Paleo-Indian period and there has been active tribes or civilizations existing in the area ever since. Considered as a modern treasure, the Grand Canyon area was first given federal protection in 1893. Originally declared a forest reserve, in 1919 it would be declared a national park.


Grand Canyon Geology

There is no denying the remarkable geology of the Grand Canyon and it still has scientist researching the area to this day. The mile-high walls are an amazing site to see but they also reveal a story. Within them, layered bands of red rock on the canyon walls display incredible natural history of the local area. Geologists love the canyon because there are around forty sedimentary layers of rock visible on its walls. This is among the many incredible sites a visitor can witness on one of the fantastic day tours available at the canyon. Geological phenomena’s such as vulcanism and stream erosion are two of the primary reasons for the canyons formation.  

Grand Canyon Points of Interest

The Grand Canyon lives up to its name, and while located in north central and northwest Arizona, there are many specific areas within the park and the canyon itself that are worth a visit. Whether you are there for pictures, education, camping, or a little bit of everything, take some time to really look at all the points of interest in this area. You will be surprised how different one section of the park can be from another.

 Visit The Grand Canyon with Tourplicity

If you are looking for the best sights for breathtaking photos check out:

- Mather Point

- Mary Colter's Lookout Studio (especially from the watchtower)

- Lipan Point (especially great for sunrise/sunset photos)

Yavapai Observation Station

- Grand Canyon Skywalk

Also, make sure to do your homework to give yourself the Grand Canyon experience you really want to see! Some areas are only easily accessible from the south entrances to the park while others are best seen from the north.

Grand Canyon Day Tours

Many of the best tours are rim specific. Since the park is so large there are tours for the North Rim, South Rim, and East and West. Your options will depend on what specific part of the park you are in.  For instance, there are Grand Canyon Day Tours by horse, raft, and even helicopter. If you considering a tour, look over our extensive catalog where you will have plenty of options.

So what are you waiting for? Whether going solo, with a small group, or planning the perfect family outing, the Grand Canyon offers an awe-inspiring experience for everyone so why not start planning your trip today? If you have questions or you are still not sure how to approach your visit, we can help you. Our experienced staff is ready to make some awesome suggestions so
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