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Star Gazing Tour from Phoenix

Head out into the wilderness for a remarkable evening full of stargazing. You’ll ride out into the open desert where you’ll set up a powerful telescope; and, without interference from city lights, be able to see billions and trillions of miles away, from planets to stars to distant galaxies.

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Duration: 4 hours

  • Scottsdale, AZ
  • Phoenix, AZ
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    Escape from planet Earth without actually leaving the ground. On this three-to-four-hour stargazing adventure, a guide trained in astronomy will take you out into the desert where you’ll look up into the sky through a powerful telescope in search of faraway planets and stars.

    You won’t believe what you can see. Jupiter, the solar system’s largest planet, is over 500-million-miles away, but you’ll be able to peer easily onto its surface and orbit—for example, at its famous Great Red Spot, and four mysterious Galilean Moons. Meanwhile, look another planet over to Saturn, and be left in awe at its incredible ring system and collection of 62 moons.

    You’ll also be able to appreciate several constellations from here. Without the city lights obscuring your view, you’ll be able to discern star patterns in the sky, from the seven stars that make up Orion, to the unforgettable heavenly landmarks, the Big Dipper and the North Star, Polaris.

    We also bring along the night vision goggles for you to see not only what's up above you and millions of miles away, but also the wildlife that surrounds you right where you stand!!

    All that to say: if you’re looking for a relaxing evening full of breathtaking sights, this stargazing adventure is for you!
    Starting Time(s):
    Daily: 07:00 PM

    • Hotel Pickup
    • Stargazing Telescopes
    • Fully Guided by a professional astronomer
    • Snacks & Water
    • Night vision goggles

    Not Included:
    • Gratuities