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Tours on Maui

Tours on Maui

For a complete listing of Maui tours:

Complete Listing of Maui Tours
Tours on Maui are all about quality and quantity. There’s no end when it comes to outstanding getaways and time you can have on this paradise island. And we’re not talking timeshare, resorts, hotel, nope, save that for another article. We’re talking adventures and tours. And frankly, it becomes pretty difficult to narrow down the tours on Maui to a manageable number when they’re so consistently fantastic. Nevertheless, we’re here giving it our best shot.
You have to begin with the island sightseeing tours. These phenomenal journeys take you to several of the most remarkable landmarks that are scattered throughout the island and even in the waters surrounding it. There are, for example, tours to Haleakala, the island’s easternmost volcanic mountain. These range from one- and two-hour helicopter flights, to full-day van and mountain biking rides. Over the course of them, you’ll reach the summit caldera of Haleakala, which features mind-boggling dimensions—to be exact, it’s seven miles long, by two miles wide, by a half-mile deep! On top of that, its red, barren appearance will leave you feeling more like you’re on Mars than you are on Earth.
Other outstanding sightseeing tours on Maui are trips to the West Maui Mountains as well as humpback whale watching cruises. The former type of expedition, similar to the aforementioned flights over Haleakala, offer travelers the chance to see the West Maui Mountains’ 5,800-ft. summit caldera, in addition to its ancient volcanic cones. The best way to see the West Maui Mountains is by helicopter. Once you do, you’ll realize that the terrain is much rockier than it is out east, making it less accessible to ground travelers.

Maui Helicopter Tours:

Complete Listing of Maui Helicopter Tours
Meanwhile, whale watching tours on Maui, Hawaii take place in the waters off the coast of Lahaina. The big beasts migrate here every winter for mating season, and are truly spectacular, especially for those unaccustomed to seeing them. Boat rides and rentals will get you to within a football field of the humpbacks, far closer than you might think you could safely get. With such large quantities of whales, it’s no wonder that Lahaina was once a global leader in the export of whale-based products. There’s a bit of a fun Hawaiian vacation fact for you!
Not to be forgotten among the many tours on Maui are journeys along the legendary road to Hana. Here, on the green, remote, eastern end of the key, you’ll find a 52-mile path that’s shaped like a slithering snake, so numerous are its curves and hairpin turns. With rainforest on one side and an endless stretch of free blue ocean on the other, the lush, coastal highway puts California’s PCH to shame. Plus, it ends in the quaint town of Hana itself; there, you can check out a handful of small shops, take a jaunt out to the sacred Pools of Oheo, or frequent a couple of the nearby beaches.
We’ve written profusely about how wonderful a vacation in Maui, Hawaii is, but rather than bludgeoning you with another 400 words describing its magnificence, we think it wiser simply to say: go to Maui! Honestly, no amount of words we could put on a page would be sufficient for conveying just how special this place is. And thanks to the ample supply of guided tours on Maui, once you arrive, there’s literally nothing standing between you and the attractions you want to see. It’s truly Hawaiian fun for the whole family! Or even the honeymoon!